Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Naira And Dadi Team Up


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The Episode Begins with Naira thinking of Kartik. FB shows Naira saying we’ll be together now, everything will be OK, what happened to you. He says so much altered in that 1 day, you’ll go your house and Vedika will remain as Mrs. Goenka. She asks what, who chose this. He says Lord, when the incident happened…. He tells everything. He states we tried a lot, but we found no match, Vedika saved your life, instead she said she won’t give her husband to you, since she has no one in her life, only your life was imp for me. She gets away. Rishton ka milna jhulna….plays…. FB ends. Kairav comes to Naira and hugs.

He asks why did you not come there, Vedika came there. She says sorry, I did not know. He states tell dad to come and take us. She sees Dadi. She requests Kairav to go and inform Naksh to make soup for her. Kairav goes. Dadi yells and yells Naira. She says sorry, its due to me Vedika entered Kartik’s life, but I did not knew this could happen, I thought Vedika is innocent, everybody thinks she’s Devi when she said she’ll donate kidney, we did not know she will request Kartik. Naira says I need to tell you something, I don’t have any proof, I feel there’s some secret inside this kidney donation thing, I heard the nurse speaking. She tells everything. She says I did not think of this earlier. Dadi asks what did you see.

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Naira says Pallavi treated Vedika entirely, nobody gave her medications, even our tests did not happen together, look at these medications, I got these medications with me in the hospital, the bottles seem exactly the same, I m given painkillers but Vedika’s medication is simply multivitamins, when we underwent the surgery. Dadi says Manish told Pallavi that we’ll take Vedika to large hospital, but Pallavi refused. Naira says they’re hiding something. Dadi says come with me, we will tell Kartik and then everybody.

Naira says no, Pallavi and Vedika will plan it well, if this is only a doubt, then Kartik will never trust me, I dropped him and do not want to lose his trust. Dadi cries and says I know that he is not happy, I came here with much hope. Naira says yes, we must discover the truth, Vedika and Pallavi should not know this. Dadi says , else they will trap him , find out exactly what they did, get Kartik from the and come home. Naira says I will tell them why my Kartik calls me a lioness. Manish comes to Kartik. Kartik hugs him. Everyone looks on.

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Pallavi calls Vedika and states nothing is fine, Umesh Gupta is bothering. Vedika asks why, you said he’s a good man, you must handle her. Pallavi says yes, I’ll handle him, I’m going to Mumbai for a significant seminar, can you meet him. Vedika says no. Pallavi says please manage him. Dadi attempts to hear Vedika. Vedika sees the shadow in the door. Dadi hides from her. She calls Naira. She says Pallavi called Vedika and asked her to meet Umesh Gupta. Naira asks who is he, what else did she say. Dadi says I do not know, you asked me to keep a watch, if you want more info, then arrive there. Naira says I regret I can not come. Dadi says sorry. Naira says only keep a watch on her. Dadi says we will see tomorrow. Kairav says its Christmas tomorrow. Naira says its Christmas tomorrow, make sure that Vedika does not go out. Dadi says yes. Kairav sings.

Kartik and Naira think of each other. Ek duje….plays… She says we’ll be together soon. Naira is on call with Dadi. She says sorry Vedika, we need to do this drama. Dadi apologizes to Vedika. She says that I will be pleased with Kartik’s decision, if he’s happy, then I shall accept you as his wife, do not break his heart, he’s seen much sorrow in his life, I wish to see his happy, take care of him.

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Vedika says thanks, wish we have a fantastic married life. She receives a call. Dadi states Vedika, if you would like to create Kartik yoursthen make Kairav and Vansh yoursits Christmas now, I was thinking to keep a celebration for children, it is possible to take this responsibility. Vedika says that is a fantastic idea, thanks. Dadi asks is that possible in less time, I will inquire Naira if she has any thought.

Vedika says I will manage, I had to meet somebody, Pallavi’s cousin, Pallavi went for a seminar, any way depart it. Dadi says you can call him home, its your home too, I’ll request Naira to bring Kairav home. Vedika says no, I will do anything for Kairav, but keep Naira away from my home. Dadi asks but Naira will come with Kairav. Vedika says anything is possible if you want, Naira should come between Kartik and me. She goes. Naira hears everything. Dadi says sorry Naira, you’d have heard everything. Naira says yes, I do not care for this. Dadi says great, what could you do today. Naira says Vedika requested Naira to not come, but Santa has arrived. Dadi says great, you can find some proof now, come shortly. Naira says sorry Vedika, I will come and understand if this Christmas is yours or mine.