Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Naira brings Trisha home!

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Today’s episode begins with Naira becomes happy meeting Trisha. She cries and asks Trisha to talk something or telephone her sister. Tears roll down from Trisha’s eye. Kartik consoles Trisha.

At home Kush says mercifully Trisha is saved else they would have been called murderer. Luv says that was just injury. Kairav and Vansh asks Luv kush to take them to get a bicycle rise but Luv scolds them. Vansh says Luv Kush did not got valentine gift in their buddy thus reacting. Kairav decides to give gift to Luv Kush.

At hospital, Naira yells and worries for Trisha. Kartik supports Trisha. Here, Goenaks’s talk with one another. Manish and Ahkilesh says they won’t spare Trisha’s culprit. Luv Kush gets scared.

Meanwhile, Kartik and Naira brings paralyzed Trisha in the home. Luv Kush decides to leave the home. Kairav asks Luv Kush where he’s going. Kush says they’re going back hostel. Luv gets mad when Kairav queries more.

Here, Suhasini, Manish and many others opposes Kartik and Naira’s choice for bringing Trisha home. Surekha worries for Luv and Kush. Kaira asserts and Suhasini says anything they want to do that they could.

Afterwards, Kartik asks Luv Kush to fulfill Naira prior to leaving. Luv Kush attempts to excuse but Kartik takes Luv and Kush to Naira. Naira asks Trisha to give clue what all happened with her. Trisha points in Luv Kush and duo becomes scared. Kartik asks Naira what occurred. Naira states Trisha’s hand revealed movement. Doctor asks Naira what she requested to Trisha thus reacted. Trisha once more asked Trisha to inform about the offender but Luv Kush tricks Trisha. Doctor asks Naira to not induce Trisha for responding. Naira asks Trisha to not take load.


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