Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Naira, Dadi And Naksh Make A Plan


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th January 2020 Upcoming Story on

The Episode begins with Vedika saying we must go on shopping, we’ve got a flight tomorrow. Naira asks will you journey in the vehicle, you had a operation like me, doctor asked me to prevent exertion, so I’ve asked you. Vedika says Kartik is with me to take care, I’ve asked Pallavi, she’s with me.

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Naira says yes, how did I forget that Pallavi is with you. Vedika sees Naira and goes. Naira believes I have less time now. Naksh takes a stick to beat. . Dadi shouts. Naksh says Dadi you… why are you here like a burglar. She states Naira has called me. Naksh says why will she call you, Naira saved Kartik and dropped in danger, I understand Vedika saved her, but you took Kartik from Naira, why did you let Vedika to do so. She says it got late before I understood it, I’ve some work with Naira, we’re bringing Vedika’s truth out.

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Naksh inquires what truth. She says I thought to not tell anyone, however you’ll send me into the prison, listen to me attentively. She tells him. He gets shocked. He asks how can I help in this.

Naira says sorry Dadi, I got overdue. She sees Naksh and gets hushed. Dadi says Naksh understands everything, he’ll help us, did you find anything out. Naira says a lot. She tells everything. Naksh says such a major fraud, come, we’ll ask her.

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Naira says no, we can not tell Kartik, my phone was off, who will believe me, Vedika and Pallavi won’t accept their offense. Naira says Pallavi is a physician, how can she do this. Naksh says do not understand your kidneys were damaged or not. Naira says yes, that is why she took Umesh’s kidney. Naksh says truth will come out.

Dadi asks how will we establish her offense. Naira says you’ve got to take Vedika to a physician for sonography, Vedika is taking Kartik on honeymoon tomorrow, she will do anything to create Kartik away from us, Kartik can not deny because of his promise, we must bring out her truth, just ensure that her sonography happens.

Dadi inquires why would Vedika agree. Naira says because you’re saying her. Naksh states do anything, but get her evaluation done. Dadi says I m prepared to do anything for Naira. She asks where did you leave Kairav. Naira states Kairav is where he must be. FB reveals Vedika and Kartik going. Kairav asks why is not father with us, we must receive your and dad’s marriage done.

Naira says yes, we’ll take action after some days, you don’t have any rules, you can fulfill Kartik anytime, you can go with him, stop him if you want. Kairav runs to Kartik and states stop…. He says you’re going tomorrow, I will sleep with you tonight in your area. Vedika says no, you should be with mumma, she had undergone a surgery.

Kairav says mumma has two Nanis, I will stay with daddy. Naira says what can I say. Kartik agrees. She hits the soccer in anger. FB ends. Dadi says wow, you did an awesome thing. Naksh says yes. Kartik and Kairav play. Vedika comes. Kartik sends Kairav. He says why do I believe that you have an issue with my son. She says if you believe so, then fix it, you’ve got keep the guarantee by heart. Kartik says I did not promise anything regarding my heart. She says fine, I do not want to spoil my mood. Kairav says dad is talking something with Vedika.

Naira says because they’re trying for some work, give telephone to Dadi. Dadi says I know what to do. Naira thanks her. Dadi says Kairav, I will do something soon that your daddy leaves the match midway. Kairav asks what will you do. Kairav goes singing Papa mere papa…. Kartik smiles. Vedika stops Kartik. Dadi looks on.

Kartik signals two mins to Kairav. Naira watches this on video call. Naira says go and hug Kartik, he seems tied. Kairav and Vansh take butterflies, props and balls. They dance. Kartik laughs seeing them. Dadi smiles seeing them. Yeh rishta….plays… Dadi sees Vedika and states in case you snatch a person’s husband, you can not get his love, when Kartik understands your truth, you’ll lose his friendship too. Dadi clicks the pic and sends Naira.

Naira sees Kartik and Kairav’s pic and cries. Naksh asks what are you thinking 007. She asks how did you think of the name. He says you did this kind of work. She says only pray that our desire becomes fulfilled. Kartik believes I wish everything becomes fine tomorrow. Vedika states Kartik and I are not able to come close here, I’m waiting for tomorrow.

Naira says I believe this wait is long. Its dawn, Naira prays to find courage to resist the issues. Naksh states Dadi called, Kartik and Vedika are leaving in a while, I hope it happens as we proposed. Naira says it must happen. Dadi asks Kairav to allow Kartik go. Kairav says I’ll miss you. Kartik says treat yourself and mumma. Dadi also gets down the car and says do not worry, I’m not coming along, I will reunite in the temple.

Kartik says we will drop you. Naira and Naksh come to the hospital. Naksh says I will wait outside, I will inform you if they come. Dadi shouts stop the vehicle. Kartik asks what happened, did you forget something. Dadi says how did I overlook it, I got older, I don’t recall modest matters, I forgot Vedika’s check up, you must be sure.

Vedika says physician would haven’t allowed. Dadi says doctors do not care, we’re family, if anything occurs to Kartik, then Kartik will fall alone. Vedika says its our flight’s time. Dadi says I’ll send you by charter flight, what is the issue. Kartik says Dadi is proper. Vedika says I will call Pallavi and inquire. Dadi says her practice is way, come with me, there’s a small clinic here. She chooses Vedika to the exact same hospital. She signs Naira.

Naira hides and looks on. Kartik sits to tie the shoe lace. Naira covers herself with the drape and hugs Kartik.