Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Story 15th September 2020 : Naksh throws Keerthi out of the house

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist on

The episode starts with nurse getting ready for Naira’s blood test. Kartik asks the nurse to do it slowly. Akilesh says that he thought his fear ended after Manish’s injection. Kartik replies that it was temporary and now that fear has came back. Naira warns him to end this fear otherwise, if he doesn’t enter in the labour room, she won’t let him touch the baby. Nurse gets the blood and says that results will be known tomorrow. Dadi says that they will tell the news to Naira’s parents after getting results and asks Naira and Kartik if they told to Kairav. Kartik replies that they will tell him after results only.

Keerthi comes at the doorstep. Everyone looks at her. Keerthis breaks down on her knees. Everyone rushes to her. Kartik and Naira asks her what happened. Keerthi says that her everything ended. After Dadi asks, she reveals that Naksh asked him to leave the house.
On the other hand, Naksh’s grandmother asks him to sit and bring back Keerthi but he is still. She asks him what happened and where he is lost. Naksh breaks down and asks her what wrong he did and why he is getting punished. He cries because he loved and trusted Keerthi so much.

Dadi asks Keerthi what happened as Naksh won’t get angry unreasonably. Keerthi says that Naksh doesn’t trust her and thinks that Krish is not their son. Everyone gets shocked and makes more question about the reason behind him thinking like this. Kartik asks Naira whether she had any idea about this fight. Even Suvarn asks her the same question. Naira says that she had no idea but she knows it’s Aditya’s game.

Naksh cries and says that Keerthi keps hiddenly meeting Aditya and wonders why. He wonders if she trusts Aditya more than him.
Keerthi agrees with Aditya and says that he has bothered her a lot. Kartik asks why. Keerthi says that Aditya keeps claiming that Krish is his son. Dadi is shocked and doesn’t even want to hear such things. Surekha says that Krish was born after her marriage with Naksh, that too much later. Naira is sure that Keerthi is not telling the whole thing. Kartik asks her not to cry and says that they know she is right and asks to tell the truth.

Keerthi tells everyone that once, after years of her marriage with Naksh, she went to a friend’s birthday party and met Aditya there. After seeing him, she wanted to leave immediately but her friend insisted asking her to stay till cake cutting. She started having headache and slept there only but she doesn’t remember anything and Aditya claims that Krish was born after that night. Keerthi wants everyone to believe her as she is sure that Krish is Naksh’s son only. Now, Aditya is even blackmailing her after clicking picture with Krish after finding out his school. She says that she is innocent and did nothing wrong. Dadi says that she did wrong by hiding such a big thing from Naksh. Keerthi says that she didn’t want to bother Naksh and her only mistake is that she fell into Aditya’s trap.

On the other hand, Devyani blames Keerthi for doing wrong. Naksh’s grandmother takes Keerthi’s side and asks him to think about the rest of family too as this will affect Naira, Kartik and others too. Naira calls Naksh and asks him not to worry as Keerthi is with them. She warns him that Aditya is very bad and wants all this to happen and his relation with Keerthi to break. She asks him not to let all this affect his and Keerthi’s relationship and asks him to come but Naksh refuses saying that he can’t. He cuts the call. Naira messages him requesting him to come.

Kartik asks Naira if Naksh will come. Naira says that he didn’t reply. Kartik says that Naksh is wrong and shouldn’t have asked Keerthi to leave like this. Naira calms him down and asks him to wait for Naksh to come. Kartik apologizes and cups her face asking her not to take stress. Naira says that now she is angry with God too as bad things keep happening. Kartik hugs her saying that they will fix everything. Naira hopes Naksh comes.

Later, Naira feels dizzy when she is kitchen. Kartik comes and asks her if she is fine. Naira says that she is feeling a bit weak as maybe she has low bp. Kartik says that he asked her not to take stress. Naira covers his mouth with a hand and asks about Keerthi first. Kartik says that whole family is with her. He makes her sit and takes care of her giving medicine to her. They hug.
Dadi scolds Naksh for letting a misunderstanding ruin everything. She reminds him what happened with Kartik and Naira and how a little misunderstanding ruined many years of their relationship.

Aditya comes at Goenkas’ Mansion. Kartik grabs his collar seeing him. Everyone is shocked to see him. Kartik pushes Aditya shouting him to leave before he does something that he might have not even imagined. Aditya joins his hands in front of Kartik and says that he is there to take what’s his. He asks Keerthi to give Krish back to him. Naira says that Krish is Naksh and Keerthi’s son. While Aditya keeps trying to convince everyone to give back Krish claiming that he is his son, Kartik angrily threatens to hit him. Aditya asks Keerthi to tell everyone the truth of that night when she was drunk and he handled her. He shows some pictures from that night. Keerthi cries and says that it’s all a lie.

Aditya says that he knows she is afraid of Naksh but if he loves her then he will understand that it was a mistake. He says that she has Naksh but he has nobody except Krish and cries asking Krish back.

Naira is about to say something but stops seeing Naksh, his grandmother and Devyani there. Keerthi sees her and rushes to him asking him not to trust Aditya since Krish is their son only. Aditya asks them to give his Krish back otherwise he can cross any limit. Naira snatches the pictures Aditya was holding and tears one shouting at Aditya asking him to get lost. She says that they know him and Keerthi well. She shouts and stumbles. Suvarna and Surekha ask her not to take stress in pregnancy. Devyani, Keerthi, Naksh and the latter’s grandmother are surprised to hear the news.

Aditya claps saying that they are worried about unborn baby but not Krish. He says that he will give proof of what he is saying after which they will believe him. He says that they will get Krish’s paternity test done. Naira looks at Keerthi who is crying.
Episode ends

Precap: Naira wakes up and sees that Kartik is not in the room. She wonders where he has gone so early in the morning. She starts searching for Kartik in the house and, while going upstairs, she slips and falls from the staircase.