Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai Upcoming Story: Abhira decides to Confess her Love to Armaan, Ruhi decides to Avenge Armaan

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Star Plus Popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai has never failed to keep it’s audience hooked to the screens. The show is now gearing up for High Voltage Drama.

Madhav asks Abhira not to let Armaan gets to her soo fast and tells her that she was the one, always at the loosing End because Armaan and his Respect for Kaveri.

Abhira tells Madhav that Armaan called off his Wedding with Ruhi and that most mean something to him and he must be in Love with her. She defends Armaan.

Madhav tells her that Love is not enough and tells her that there needs to be trust as well. He asks her to test Armaan before giving him the chance.

Madhav stops Armaan

Abhira tells Madhav that she Loves Armaan the most in this World hence she wants to trust him the most as well. She tells him that she will definitely test Armaan.

Abhira tells Madhav that Armaan has to earn her trust at all costs. Madhav gets Happy with her decision while Armaan comes there and asks for Abhira. Madhav doesn’t let him meet her.

Abhira comes there and tells Armaan that she doesn’t accept his Proposal because she doesn’t trust him. Armaan gets stunned hearing her.

Madhav comes back Home and exposes Kaveri’s Condition to Vidya while Sanjay provokes Kaveri against Abhira. Later Abhira decides to confess her Love to Armaan while Ruhi decides to Avenge him.

What will happen Next?

What will Armaan do?

Stay Tuned to for the Latest Updates..

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