Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Story : Kartik, Naira put on a play


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Dadu gives tofees to Kairav and other kids. Samarth signals Vansh not to eat them, but Gayatri sees this and signals him to eat. Dadu tells Kairav that he loves him a lot and he is his most favourite.

One the eve of Navratri, a play is arranged. Naira and Kartik disguise as Devaki, Vasudev. Devaki gives birth to Krishna, but she fears her brother Kansa will kill him if he knows of his birth. She asks Vasudev to save Krishna. Vasudev takes Krishna and goes to Yashoda. Yashoda gives her daughter and takes Krishna as her son. She says she will raise Krishna as her own. Vasudev takes Yashoda’s daughter to Devaki, Devaki says she can’t do this as Kansa may kill even the girl.

Vasudev says she is Durga roop and he can’t kill her. The message is every child is not lucky to have family, Krishna is lucky to get new family of Yashoda. Balram and everyone loved Krishna and Krishna also loved them more than his own family. Skit ends and Kartik, Naira call Krishna to stage. Vansh, Krish feel they love Kairav a lot, they arranged whole skit just to make him understand. Kairav accepts Krishna as sister and puts Mata Rani chunri on her. Everyone get happy.

Kids are playing, Kartik, Naira see them and feel yesterday skit brought a change, Kairav accepted Krishna as sister but he should never feel she is not his sister. Kairav’s friends come and one of them identifies Krishna to be the girl selling clips. They laugh on her. Krishna says she was working and not begging, she remembers what he did by sitting in his big car, he threw water on her. Kairav says its not right to make fun of anyone and says Krishna is his sister, they say they know Kairav has little sister Akshara. Kairav says his parents adopted Krishna. Naira brings snacks, kids sit together and eat. Krishna cleans the sauce near Kairav’s mouth with tissue. Vansh and Kairav ask Krish to join in their school, its the best school in this city. Dadu calls the kids. Krishna asks if she can also go. Naira tells her to go, she asks Kartik why could have Papa called kids.

Dadu says Krish admission is done in Vansh and Kairav school, they get happy and say they were discussing same thing in garden. Krishna asks if she can also join this school, Dadu says she can’t get admission there and leaves. Kairav asks Naira that Krishna may get admission in other schools.

Kartik, Naira talk to Papa about sending all kids to same school so that their bonding gets strong, they shouldn’t differentiate between kids. Papa says he lives in this world not an ideal world like them. Krishna is not educated and can’t pass the entrance test. Naira says she didn’t study yet but is very intelligent. She will train her for test. Papa asks if she can teach her everything by tomorrow morning. Naira says she will try her level best.

Precap: Naksh asks how could they decide about his son’s education without him. Manish says he thought well and decided. Naksh says don’t push him to court to take his son’s custody. Manish tells Naira both brother and sister are stubborn, he won’t let Krish separate from them.