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High voltage drama ahead in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai with Mauri’s shocking demand.

So far in the episodes it is seen, Kartik say to Sirat that Kairav needs her. Sirat ask Kartik to make Kairav understand that this is not possible. Kartik ask Sirat to become his children mother. Sirat says to Kartik that she doesn’t want to be called as gold digger. Kartik and Sirat argue with each other. Kartik says to Sirat that she doesn’t need them but they need her. Sirat says she don’t want to marry anyone. She adds she don’t need anyone. Kartik repeat himself and says he know but his children need her. He disclose to Sirat about Kairav’s wish. Kartik give Kairav’s letter to Sirat. Sirat stands shocked reading the letter. Here, Kairav look for Kartik and Sirat. He ask Suhasini if both are fighting with each other. Suhasini says to Kairav she don’t know. Kairav ask Suhasini to pray to God. Suhasini ask God to shower his blessing as she is clueless who amid Mainsh, Kartik and Sirat is right.

Now in the upcoming episode, Sirat will decide to leave the house along with Mauri. Kairav will try to stop her. Mauri’s health will worsen. Sirat and Kartik will worry for Mauri. Mauri than will demand Sirat to marry Kartik. What will be Sirat’s decision will be interesting to watch. Do Mainsh will accept Sirat as his daughter-in law, well time will only tell. Keep watching the show mon-sat on Star Plus.

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