Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Story: Sita learns about Naira’s lie

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Today’s episode starts with Naira saying to Kartik that everything is handled well and she is relaxed. Naksh call Kaira and tells him that Kundan has a doubt on them. Naira and Kartik says to Naksh that Kundan might be talking about something else. Naira confesses that she did drama in front of Sita being Tina for the deal. Kundan records their conversation but unable to save it.

Further, Kundan talks with Sita. Kaira stands confused. Sita comes to Naira and asks her to call Tina too. Kundan along with Sita insists Goenka’s to call Tina for the function too. Naira than says that she will call Tina but she won’t stand here once Tina will come. Sita agrees and asks Kartik to go and bring Tina. Goenka’s waits for Tina. Naira somehow manages to turn Tina and comes in front of Sita and Kundan. Kundan then decides to expose Naira’s lie in front of Sita.

Ahead, Kundan intentionally messes Tina’s dress. Tina yells at Kundan and says she now have to clean it up. Later, Naira’s truth gets exposed in front of Sita. Sita stands shocked. Kundan smirks and recalls how he locked Naira in the room.

Sita gets angry at Naira and Goenka’s for lying to her. Goenka’s stands teary. Naira tries to stop Sita but Sita refuses to. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kartik fights with Kundan. Sita tells to Goenka’s that she won’t let anybody else also to help them. Goenka’s stands shocked.

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