Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar : Kuhu gets upset seeing Mishti getting all the attention

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar 12th February 2020 Upcoming story and twist on

The episode begins with Nanu and Parul coming in Maheshwari Mansion to invite them to get something special tonight. Vishambharnat says thst the ritual was at which Nanu replies he wants to make new memories because that ritual obtained marked with poor ones. Mishti comes and Parul asks her if she’ll come. Vishambharnat says that they all will and adds that this was much needed. Mishti receives a message from Abir requesting to meet right.

Mishti and Abir meet in the chai stall where Abir claims they won’t go in the function.

Kunal receives a message from Kuhu stating that she’s active and gets frustrated. Kaushal comes and asks him to read the letter. Kunal says everything is crap considering Kuhu’s message. Kaushal gets confused so Kunal corrects himself stating that everyone is busy now so many errors are occurring.

Kaushal says he will correct them because he has time and Kunal gets up stating that there isn’t any time because deadline is coming considering the date of divorce coming nearer. Kaushal says that they can postpone the deadline as there’s a marriage going on in the home. Kunal believes that one marriage is occurring and another is getting broken. He enjoys Kuhu asking him if she’s busy too for her husband where he receives a response from her asking what husband.

Mishti informs Abir he has not become her husband yet. Abir claims that Nanu must have told him about his plan but he did not so she must cancel his strategy and come to satisfy her or else he’ll escape with the first woman he’ll meet and marry her. Mishti laughs stating that no woman will be ready to escape with him because she’s the only mad one.

Kunal is concerned since tomorrow is the day of the divorce but Kuhu is not speaking to him and it seems like she’s taken divorce . He messages the attorney asking for time. Kunal goes to Meenakshi requesting her to speak to a client. She says that she’ll take care of the office work and he will stay with Abir. Kuhu calls Kunal and he belongs to her. Meenakshi looks at some newspapers stating that Mishti will inherit Rajvansh residence.

Kunal goes beyond where he meets Kuhu and asks her where she was complete the day. Kuhu states that she was coordinating the surprise for Mishti because this is exactly what he wanted as he does not talk about anything else except for it. Kunal says he wants to discuss something else but she won’t speak with him each time he tries. Kuhu asks him to say anything he wishes to say. Kunal shows her a picture of red sports-car. Kuhu recalls seeing him for the first time in that car and wonders why he’s showing her this.

Only then Maheshwaris come there. Nidhi comes there and tells everybody that Ketaki has run away and reveals a letter from her stating that Kuhu has all of the answers. Everybody questions Kuhu who uncovers a cartoon version of the bus in which Kuhu had fulfilled Ketki and Abir had fulfilled Mishti. Ketki and Abir are there and they remember that moment. Abir states he had seen Mishti but she did not see him. Ketki states that she’d seen Kunal in a red sportscar instead. Kuhu recalls that instant and Kunal informs him that he still has that car.

Abir reveals Mishti her jhumka that had come in their own life and puts it in her hand. He uncovers one by one the pictures of some of the most important memories. Title track plays.

Abir thanks Mishti for coming to his life. Mishti says that now she has two households when she had nobody. Parul claims she has something else for her but Mishti hugs her stating that she does not want anything else.

However Nanu calls Kaushal who comes with a necklace that belonged to their grandmother. Nidhi asks him why he did not give it to her. Nanu says he will find a different necklace for her but this one is for Mishti, the most special daughter-in-law of the home. Kuhu gets hurt but smiles. Abir looks at her and whispers to her that it does not look fine. Kuhu agrees but says that if everyone wants Mishti to find the necklace she should get it.

Ketki claims that they should take an image and Abir offers to click on it Nanu states he should be in the photograph. Ketki claims that Kuhu should click it because she takes better pictures than Abir. Everybody poses and Kuhu takes the phot believing it isn’t essential for them that she needs to be in the photo too. She looks at them happily taking a look at the images she clicked and gets sad.

Later everybody does pooja. Mishti looks up at Meenakshi standing . Mishti believes that Meenakshi gave her the necklace. She belongs to Nanu and asks him if the necklace was given to her by Meenakshi. He says yes.
Kunal looks about for Kuhu. Jasmeet informs Varsha that Kuhu had the right to get that necklace. Shaurya asks her to leave because Kunal is coming there. Jasmeet leaves. Kunal inquires Varsha and Shaurya about Kuhu and they inform him that she’s in the room.

Mishti comes in Meenakshi’s room thinking that it must haven’t been easy for Meenakshi to give her mother’s necklace . She wonders what to say and is going to leave but Meenakshi sees her.

Varsha comes to converse with Jasmeet who’s hurt and says that she needs to visit Nishant. Varsha asks her not to say in this way. Jasmeet claims that Kuhu had got hurt. Varsha says that there’s been a whole lot of tension in the last couple of days and now something great has occurred at which Jasmeet answers that great is happening only with Mishti because Kuhu is confronting bad things only. Varsha claims that she’s seen Kunal’s care for Kuhu now so until Kunal is with Kuhu nobody can grab her place in this home.

Meenakshi apologizes to Mishti for getting mad trying to keep her off for Mishti and thanks her for saving Abir’s life twice. She swears there will not be any planning or plotting against her out of her side. She says it is extremely unfortunate for a mother not to having the ability to see her son’s wedding but she deserved all of this.

Abir looks for Mishti and Rajshri claims that she has concealed her. Abir jokes. Ketki, Jugnu, Abir and Rajshri laugh about it. Rajshri informs Abir that Mishti is upstairs and she goes there.

Kuhu packs her clothing. Kunal comes in the room and asks her what she’s doing. Kuhu says he should not care about what she’s doing because he has time only for Mishti, the new member of the home. Kunal asks her why she’s upset. Kuhu asks her when she had been normal since the day she arrived in the house.

Kunal asks her to leave this all. Kuhu jerks his hands away saying that she understands that he has never cared for her and not even the other relatives have because she never got any talent such as this necklace. Kunal says he is going to get thousand necklaces for her but now they have more important things to talk about as the divorce is tomorrow. Kuhu goes to select the calendar and signs that the day saying that she’s freeing him one day before.

Kunal asks her if she’s actually giving him divorce. Kuhu asks him what else he has to give her. She’s about to leave when Abir comes and asks her where she’s leaving with such a huge bag. He states that she has to be going to her home for the wedding preparation and informs her that he’ll bring the bag. She agrees and leaves.

Kunal has teary eyes. Abir asks him to look at him but he fails so Abir goes to him and informs him that he’s heard everything. He asks him if they’re really getting divorced.