Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar 14th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Nidhi asking Ketki how she’s looking and also not to inform Jasmeet that they’re coming because she wants to see her amazed. Parul asks Nidhi to not say anything to Jasmeet after there because she’s already tensed about Nishant. Nidhi asks her to not act like Meenakshi and give orders. She leaves. Parul inquires Ketki if she said something wrong and Ketki asks her not to feel bad about what Nidhi said. Parul asks Nidhi to perform all of the rituals from Meenakshi’s side in Mishti’s haldi function. Ketki agrees but says that she will not have the ability to lift this. Parul informs her that Jugnu will help. Jugnu comes and says he won’t have the ability to lift all of the stuff alone. Ketki asks Parul not to worry because Kuhu has sent two women to help them indicates that the doorway. Only then Abir and Kunal come there dressed up like two girls. Jugnu laughs. Nanu comes and asks them to put the stuff in the vehicle. They leave and Kunal and Abir are left alone.

Kunal informs Abir this is the worst idea of the planet. Abir, faking female voice, states he is loving it because he always wanted a younger sister and he got that now. He says he is looking cute. Kunal is frustrated and says that he does not need to do all of this. Abir asks him to allow Kuhu go then and, when she’ll ask him why he did not stop her, he’ll respond he was wearing bangles. Abir laughs and says that Kuhu will laugh watching him like this and if a woman laughs, she gets trapped. Abir jokes inquiring Kunal how he’s looking. Kunal leaves shaking his head.

Meanwhile Mishti hunts Kuhu’s court notice from the cupboard. Rajshri calls her from downstairs asking her to hurry up. Mishti finds the note and is going to see it when Rajshri comes and takes her out. Mishti is still holding the note.

Jugnu and Ketki come from the Maheshwari Mansion. Abir and Kunal enter too and Abir asks him to be careful and walk with elegance. Kunal asks him to stop joking. Abir states he did not know that they might need to become brides to find the bride together. He says that they might need to dance also.
Abir and Kunal dancing on”pallo latke”. Abir intentionally pushes Kunal towards Kuhu while dancing. Kunal keeps dancing around Kuhu. Whole the household join.

Varsha asks Parul to telephone Meenakshi there for Kunal at least if not for Abir because she’s Kunal’s mother also. Nidhi spills some water on her clothing hearing that and Varsha asks her to come with her as she will help her drying the clothes.

Parul sees Kuhu silent and asks her if everything is fine. Kuhu says that she’s just tired. Parul asks her to not do work and have rest. Kuhu hugs her. Parul asks Abir and Kunal to deliver juice for Kuhu. Abir asks Kunal to grab the event and remember their strategy. Kunal says he is even denying himself in these garments.
They visit Kuhu and Parul and Abir informs them that her sister (Kunal) does a really good massage and asks Kuhu to let her give her the massage.
Kuhu sits down and Kunal provides her massage . Bekhudi plays.

Mishti is going to read the note when she sees Jugnu bumping into Abir and the two of them falling down. She does not comprehend Abir and rushes to them asking if they’re fine. Jugnu apokogizes to both of these. Abir catches her and says she got scared bumping into such a big goon. Mishti says that Jugnu isn’t a goon but world’s best brother. She’s going to leave but Abir stops her catching her hands. Mishti recognizes him.

Kuhu thanks Kunal for the massage because she’s feeling better now. Kunal asks her how she was feeling before. She answers that she was feeling quite bad. Kunal asks her if the motive is her husband who has to have done something. Kuhu asks him how she knows that but he rushes to Abir without responding and asks him what he ought to inform Kuhu. Abir scolds him for not speaking to Kuhu yet. Parul asks them to attract haldi in the vehicle. Abir asks Kunal to believe that it’s holi rather than haldi.

Afterwards Abir brings haldi and uses it on Mishti’s face. “Ishaqzaade” plays. Kunal applies a little haldi on Kuhu’s waist and then leaves. Kuhu follows him out. Mishti keeps looking at the note.
Kuhu reaches out where unexpectedly Kunal comes and stands behind her. He covers Kuhu’s eyes and touches her bare stomach making her wear a waistband. Kuhu shuts her eyes at his touch.
On the other hand Mishti goes in the bath and Abir comes there also. He holds her by her waist and pulls her closer.

Jugnu makes rose petals fall on Kuhu and Kunal.
Abir gets haldi applied on his cheek rubbing it against Mishti’s. They hug.
Kuhu and Kunal hug also. Kuhu believes that today everything will get nice.

Afterwards Mishti is sitting on vanity and Abir, who’s back in man apparel, hugs him from behind asking him how he’s looking. Mishti states that seeing him now could bring bad luck. Abir claims that they will close their eyes afterward. Mishti smiles and kisses Abir’s forehead when he shuts his eyes. She leaves shying away.
Kuhu claims to Kunal he had informed her that he will not come. Kunal answers that it would have been too late when he had not come today.

Mishti comes out and is going to open Kuhu’s court notice when she bumps into Jasmeet and the envelope falls. Kuhu looks at them. Kunal asks her to focus on what he’s saying only but only then she hears Jasmeet stating that there’s Kuhu’s name written on the envelope.

Jasmeet opens the envelope and has shocked seeing divorce documents. Mishti gets shocked also. Abir comes there. Kuhu and Kunal look at each other.
Kuhu rushes to Jasmeet and states that she’ll explain her. Abir asks Jasmeet to not tell anybody but she moves inside stating that she’ll tell about it to everybody.

Mishti apologizes to Kuhu stating that she did not know that they were divorce papers. Kuhu asks her if she did not find that when she uttered the papers from her cabinet. Varsha comes there and hears everything. Mishti informs Kuhu that she believed that a customer filed a case against her and she wanted to help her. Varsha cries saying that this can not happen. She moves inside despite Kuhu asks her to stop.

Kuhu cries. Mishti claims that she only wanted to help her. Kuhu slaps her hard. Abir and Kunal get shocked.