Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar : Kunal wants to marry Kuhu again

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar 17th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Kuhu slapping Mishti and blaming her for doing everything intentionally. She moves inside crying. Kunal follows her.
Abir hugs Mishti who yells saying she did not do anything intentionally. Abir says she understands.

Varsha cries. Shaurya asks what’s all this to Kuhu and Kunal is going to explain but Shaurya cuts him stating he’s speaking to his daughter. He asks Kuhu if she wanted all of this. Rajshri says there has to be something else. Varsha asks Kuhu to inform it. Kuhu kneels facing her and apologizes. Abir asks her to not say sorry as it is not her error, instead she’s the person who dealt with problems independently.

Shaurya says firmly that no daughter of the home is alone, Kuhu knew she could return. Abir says that perhaps she did not wish to come. Shaurya wants to understand what happened. Vishambharnat asks the same to Kuhu. The latter states that she lied to them because she got scared, she wanted to tell them the truth but there were always Mishti’s problems in front of them. Varsha asks her not to blame Mishti.

Jasmeet states that it is true that whatever is going on in their home since two months is due to Mishti only. Parul indicates to sit and speak. She apologizes because she did not know about it. Vishambharnat asks her not to say sorry and asks Kunal if it is Meenakshi who’s behind this. Kunal claims that Meenakshi is not conscious about this and the error is his only. Shaurya scolds him saying that it is his fault because he never told them anything despite coming from the home so maby times.

Nidhi claims that nobody was conscious of the divorce. Shaurya is quite mad and Rajshri asks him to calm down and then asks Kunal and Kuhu why they did not tell them the truth. Kuhu blames Mishti again for telling her personal problem before everybody. Rajshri asks her to understand that it was a huge thing that had to come out a day or other. Kuhu says it would not have come out since they had been trying to sort out.

Vishambharnat states that she lied. Kuhu claims that Mishti lied too because she understood everything since the first moment. She states that whatever is happening is due to Mishti only. She shows that Kunal was made to marry her that is why he had come late at the wedding too. She says that if he’d abandoned her then they would haven’t let Mishti wed Abir. She blames Mishti for stating the fact unnecessarily because she’s jealous and wants to insult her in front of the planet. Mishti asks her to stop lying. Kuhu says that she’s always wrong while she (Mishti) is always perfect. She goes away. Mishti follows her. Shaurya asks Kunal to answer their queries.

Mishti rushes behind Kuhu and stops her reminding her that she’d told her to tell everyone the truth but she did not listen to her. She asks what her error is.
Kunal tells the family he was forces to get married to Kuhu but mercifully the union happened because he does not need Kuhu to leave him and he does not want to leave her .

Kuhu informs Mishti that Kunal would haven’t left her and now the topic could have been over if she had not brought the divorce papers in front of everyone. Mishti says she only wanted to help her. Kuhu asks her why. She blames Mishti stating that she simply wanted to be good, she wanted to do play to help her. Mishti says that she’s the one who did srama by faking her happily married life despite she kept asking her to tell the truth to the household. Mishti asks her why she’d do this. Kuhu blames her for wanting to remove her from the Rajvansh home and enter on her location like a queen. She congratulates to her for winning . Kuhu leaves. Mishti cries.

Abir says it would be incorrect if Kuhu leaves Kunal. Vishambharnat claims that the matter is all about Kuhu’s life not what is wrong or right. Abir says he can not afford to shed Kuhu who brings joy in their residence, makes Kunal happy and does not let darkness reign in the evening. He states that Kunal has known that he enjoys Kuhu and that’s the reason why they had come to convince her to return to him forever. He asks everyone to trust them.

Shaurya appears at Kunal. He says they want time and depart. Rajshri informs Varsha who is crying that everything will be OK. Jasmeet asks her to restrain herself.

Meenakshi is shocked to know what happened from Nidhi on telephone. Nanu comes to her and asks her when she heard that Kunal wants to divorce Kuhu. The latter comes there yelling and stops close to a column hearing their conversation. Meenakshi wonders what to do. Nanu claims that she has to deal with this matter. Meenakshi says that Kunal must fix his error. Just then a car comes and Nanu goes to check if Abir, Kunal and others came back. Kuhu is going to leave too but Meenakshi sees her and asks her to cease and return to her. Kuhu goes to her. Meenakshi asks her if she needs to leave Kunal.

Varsha cries and tells Mishti she should have told them before just. Mishti states that she wasn’t conscious of anything because she came back. Jasmeet blames her for lying and bringing divorce papers in front of everyone. Mishti states that she won’t trust anything she says. Jasmeet says she is going to on the condition that she does not get married to Abir until everything gets sorted out between Kuhu and Kunal. \

Kuhu informs Meenakshi that she does not want to leave Kunal but she can not remain in this home with him. Meenakshi says that she’s in this home despite whatever happened and asks her why she wants to leave then. Kuhu claims that Mishti will come from the house and she’ll need to share her household with her again. Meenakshi says she understands her because she loathed Mishti for snatching her son from her. Kuhu claims that Mishti has the right to wed Abir and she has no reason to depart this right of hers. Meenakshi asks her to consider her right. Kunal listens to their conversation. Meenakshi thanks Kuhu for her favors on the family and says she’ll be with her in any decision she chooses. She calls her beloved daughter-in-law.

On the other hand Rajshri asks Jasmeet to allow Mishti’s parents take choice for her. Vishambharnat says they aren’t upset with Mishti but with Rajvansh family who hid such a huge thing from them. They opt to go to speak with them. Mishti is going to go together but Rajshri stops her saying that she can not go in that home till her bidaai happens. She asks her to take rest and not shout. Rajshri leaves. Mishti sits on the couch crying.

Kuhu is seen crying also. Title track plays. Kunal appears at Kuhu. She sees him. They look at each other. Only then Maheshwaris come and Kuhu wipes her tears.

Abir thanks Vishambharnat for coming. He says they needed to come to converse with Nanu and Meenakshi. He informs Abir that Mishti is home alone and is fearful. He asks him to go to support her because he does not want him to be mad today. \

Mishti thinks that now morning she had been so excited about her marriage but all this occurred. She wonders if she’s really ruining everyone’s life. Abir comes and says no. Mishti asks him what she’s doing there because his family wants him. Abir recitates a poetry to cheer her up. Mishti thanks him. Abir asks her what she intended for their final date. Mishti says she did not understand that it was their date so what she might have planned. Some guys come to decorate the mandap. Abir and Mishti say they’ll decorate the mandap themselves.

Meanwhile Vishambharnat leaves the decision on Varsha and Shaurya. Varsha states she always blessed Kuhu and Kunal to be happy together but did not want to induce them if Kunal Kunal does not love Kuhu then he can leave her. Kunal says he enjoys Kuhu and has realized that he’s been unfair with Kuhu who showers love upon everyone. Parul states he learnt loving everybody from Kuhu. Kunal asks Varsha and Shaurya the consent to marry Kuhu. Bekhudi plays. He asks Kuhu’s hands from Varsha and Shaurya and states he will sign on the newspapers if they doesn’t need to give her hand because he knows it is his mistake whatsoever.