Yeh rishtey hain pyaar ke : ABIR WANTS TO GET MISHTI BACK

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh rishtey hain pyaar ke 10th January 2020 upcoming Story on

The episode begins with Abir telling Jugnu the letter he read was a wrong one and Mishti certainly did not arrive there at midnight to tell him that she does not need to see his face.

Kunal cries recalling Abir’s words. Meenakshi sees him and is going to go to him Parul goes and comes to him . Parul states that a mother can’t choose her kid and viceversa and asks him to know her. She decided to create her own son someone else because she did not want people to call him illegal, she sacrificed her happiness and rights but he insulted her sacrifice.

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Meenakshi asks her to remain in her limits but Parul claims that she’s going to cross her limits now and no one will come between a mother and son.

Kunal says that she’s saying all this only because she believes Mishti is right and can’t see how wrong she is. Parul slaps him. Kunal asks her how she dares slapping him. Meenakshi is shocked also. Parul says that it’s her right and shows that Meenakshi had informed Abir three months back that he is not her son and blackmailed him stating that she’ll reveal Kunal’s truth into the world and disown him if he marries Mishti and Abir forfeited his love for him Kunal insulted his sacrifice also.

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Kunal is shocked. Parul says that today she’s the one who does not need to call him her son. She leaves.

Abir yells and tells Nanu he dropped Mishti forever. Nanu asks him if he loves Mishti and he yells that he does. Nanu states he kept his feelings hidden in his heart for threee months and now he should be feeling peace after stating it. Jugnu claims that Mishti consented for the roka herself so there’s 99 percent chance that she will not return. Abir says that there’s still 1 percent chance and he should keep trying if there’s even 1 percent chance. He blames himself for committing plenty of pain to Mishti so that he won’t give up till he does not apologise to her and she does not forgive him even though she may not need to see his face. He states that Abir and Mishti’s story has not finished.

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On the other hand Mishti is on the balcony and states that Abir and Mishti’s narrative has completed and tomorrow’s sun will bring a fresh dawn.

The following morning Mishti is riding her cycle remembering how Abir refused to listen to her every time she tried. Tujhe bhoola diya plays.

Abir gets out of the Home. Mishti has chai in a stall and remembers their minutes. She imagines Abir and herself holding hands and looking at each other.

Meanwhile Kunal wakes up and checks the calendar on which Kuhu was doing the countdown for their divorce. Kuhu looks at her phone. Kunal looks at his image with Abir. Nishant is seen awaiting Mishti to return. Mishti leaves the chai stall just when Abir comes. He sees her chai glass and looks at her walking away.

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He drinks her chai. Abir then follows Mishti who sees him leaves.
Nishant wonders why Mishti is so overdue. Varsha asks him if he’s feeling restless. Nishant says he is having a negative and positive restlessness because he does not want to be like Abir.

Varsha says he is Nishant, not Abir who’s gone from their lives. Kuhu comes and asks Nishant to get ready. He says he is waiting for Mishti.

Jasmeet wonders if she’s escaped again. Nishant scolds her for believing this but Kuhu claims that Jasmeet is just so adorable and surely can’t be worse of Mishti’s ex mother-in-law. Varsha states she should talk with regard about Meenakshi because she’s her mother-in-law and inquires Kuhu if Kunal is coming. Kuhu states she forgot telling Kunal concerning the roka and proceeds to call him. Varsha follows her. Jasmeet hugs Nishant stating that his happiness is the most important thing for her. Mishti sees them. She’s holding a doll house which Vishambharnath had gifted her in youth. She presents it to Jasmeet thanking her for accepting her.

Kunal inquires Jugnu if he understood that Abir still enjoys Mishti. Jugnu states he supposed that since Abir can’t despise Mishti suddenly. Kunal states he was the only one then who could not know his own brother.

Jugnu claims that Abir still loves him a great deal but Kunal answers that Abir was frustrated or angry with him because he believes he broke his hope. Jugnu states he simply knows that Abir had to pick between him and Mishti and picked him because he loves him and adds that Abir enjoys Mishti a lot also.

He leaves. Kunal thinks he’s so dumb he could not know that Abir desires Mishti back in his lifetime. He receives Varsha’s telephone and she invites him to Mishti and Nishant’s roka and asks him if he’s coming. Kunal says he’ll come. Kuhu overhears their conversation.

Abir comes back home. Meenakshi sees him. Abir goes to her and says that she requested him to make a decision three months ago and everyone could see his decision but not his pain. He says he couldn’t reside in the past few months. He takes her blessings and informs Meenakshi he will meet Mishti and apologise so she might return in his life again.

Meenakshi stops him but he does not listen to her and says that God made his and Mishti’s relation so that she better not come in his way. Meenakshi asks what he’d do if he stops him. Kunal comes and says that when she comes between him and Mishti they’ll tell Maheshwaris that she understood about Nishant being an addict but nevertheless made him spike his drink.

Meenakshi asks him if he’s blackmailing his own mother and he answers he is just standing with his brother and does not need him to sacrifice him. He says that today he’s picking Mishti for him. Meenakshi scolds him for taking such a decision. Kunal claims that at least he chose because he is not weak unlike her. Abir drops and leaves his goggles on the floor. Kunal follows him. Meenakshi looks on.