Yeh rishtey hain pyaar ke: ABIR COMES IN MISHTI AND NISHANT’S ROKA

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh rishtey hain pyaar ke 13th January 2020 Upcoming Story on

The episode begins with Kunal after Abir out and stating that Abir has ever done favors him since childhood and he never believed what he could have done for him instead. Abir says he hasn’t thought about him like somebody different from himself. He states that he felt bad because he gave him the opportunity to tell the truth but he kept lying. Kunal apologizes and asks him to provide an opportunity to correct his mistakes and when he fails this time he should not call him Nanko anymore in his lifetime. Abir looks away.

Meenakshi goes in this kitchen and informs Parul that she has to be happy now that his sons do what she wants. Parul states that she’s always done exactly what she (Meenakshi) wants. Nanu includes a matka and asks someone to help him. Meenakshi goes to him but the matka breaks and drops. He says that if a matka gets stuffed with sins it finally breaks and adds that this time he made a mistake also since he’s the elders of the home yet didn’t know what’s happening. He asks Parul to come along him.

Kuhu and Jasmeet think for a hashtag to give to the roka function and they pick #NishMishAttack. Jasmeet’s friend comes and, after greeting her, she mocks her for picking a non-punjabi and her two engagements was broken also. Nishant comes and says he is a recovering addict, like people use to call himand Mishti’s engagement got broken twice so they’re a couple made in heaven. He jokes about it with Kuhu who states they got matching clothes also.

Rajshri comes in Mishti’s area who’s prepared and asks her how she is. Mishti replies that she’s happy. Rajshri asks her if she’s ready and she answers that there was a time she was not ready for marriage and now she has accepted this connection. She says that she understands Nishant and trusts him. Rajshri makes her sit on the bed and ties a bracelet in Mishti’s wrist telling her that she feels like she and Nishant are just like every other.

Kuhu gets stressed when she gets to know that dhol wale have not come yet but only the Kunal comes and says that the dhol will play for certain. He greets everyone and says he has not come alone. He suggests the door as dhol wale has arrived. Varsha says he has saved Kuhu’s respect.

Everybody starts dancing. Kunal goes to fulfill Varsha and Vishambharnath and informs them that it’s a very auspicious day and everything will get nice. Vishambharnat nods but his smile disappears seeing Abir playing the dhol one of others. Mishti feels his existence and rushes downstairs. She appears at Abir shocked.

Everybody is shocked to see him. Jasmeet is going to go to stop him Varsha stops her saying that Vishambharnat will manage everything. Kuhu provides a warmth to Kunal. Abir recitates a shayari about his or her Mishti’s love. Everybody except Maheshwaris clap.

Kunal tells Vishambharnath he hired those individuals for Kuhu’s business because she used to get worried whenever dhol wale got late and adds they are here just to spread love so asks him to not send them away. Jasmeet asks Vishambharnat to cover them too.

Vishambharnat is enraged. Kunal goes to Varsha and asks her to let them stay there. Rajshri tries calming down Vishambharnat and states that this roka cannot be stopped anyway. She asks everybody to begin the rituals.

Mishti is going to slip but Abir retains her on time. He says he understands that she chose this route for him and asks her to stop walking . Nishant comes there and forward a hand towards her. Mishit leaves Abir’s hand and holds Nishant’s.

The ritual of this chunri starts. Abir and Kunal look at each other. Kunal turns out a ventilator towards Abir who removes his turban which opens up and flies on him and Mishti’s heads. Dheere dheere plays. Abir and Mishti look at each other from beneath the opened turban. Mishti asks him why he’s doing this. Abir says he has done nothing as he does not have any control on end.

Nishant eliminates the turban from them and gives it back to Abir stating he doesn’t want anyone’s family to get insulted. He thanks him for the last moment agreements. Abir claims that nothing will happen today. He appears at Mishti and asks her if she remembers that he wore this turban when they first met.

Vishambharnath comes and says that they remember everything and informs him that Mishti will forget him forever instead. He blames Abir for departing Mishti at the center of the trip so Mishti is beginning a new trip and this time Nishant is going to be her companion and he’s convinced that Nishant will never leave her. He asks Jasmeet to begin the arrangements of this ritual.

Afterwards Nishant makes Mishti wear the ring. Abir recalls their participation. Rajshri provides Nishant’s ring to Mishti and she appears at Abir. Mishti makes Nishant wear the ring also. Sad variant of Saathya plays. Nishant retains Mishti’s hand and says that he won’t leave it. Abir thinks he left her hands but not her and he won’t return until she does not give her hand back . Abir and Mishti appears at each other.