Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th January 2020 : Abir Seeks Kuhu’s Help

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th January 2020 Upcoming Story on

The Episode begins with Vishwamber requesting Rajshri to close the door. Rajshri closes the door. Varsha states Kunal is departing. Vishwamber says that he can not go without speaking to me personally, I do not wish to speak to Kuhu’s staff. He inquires Kunal why did you get Abir here. Jasmeet inquires why could Kuhu do so.

Kunal says Kuhu desired a dhol artist, Abir performs dhol well. Vishwamber says thanks to believing much about people, the union will occur without dhol artists. Abir inquires why. Vishwamber says since I adore Mishti a great deal, you made her cry a good deal, this motive is sufficient. Abir asks is that the reason. Jasmeet asks Nannu to kick Abir out.

Abir says I’ll go, if Mishti loved , why does my existence matter, I’m only helping Kuhu in her occasion. Mishti claims that this function is finished. She opens the door and asks the employees to leave. Kuhu says , they could go today. Saathiya only…. .plays…. Abir leaves. Vishwamber states Kunal you’re my son-in-law, but have no right to make the most of our love. Kuhu says I’m sorry on his or her behalf. She chooses Kunal with her. Vishwamber worries.

Mishti apologizes. Jasmeet inquires why this particular drama. Rajshri asks Jasmeet to calm down. Varsha takes Rajshri aside. She states you stated Abir would come and say that he regrets because of his error, did this occur now. Rajshri says do not understand, it was just like a terrible dream. Nannu appears goes and on. Meenakshi believes that I was never alone earlier, my sons obtained against, daddy does not wish to visit me. Jugnu proceeds to assist her.

Nanu says she does not want your aid, go and receive my specs. She has hurt. He asks her to be more cautious. She says I must happen to be cautious. Parul proceeds to help. Nanu calls Parul and states that the family is hurt by her, and you love her and admire her, but you remained silent and encouraged her, not one had the right to inquire Abir for the large sacrifice, I do not understand what will Abir do today. Nannu belongs to Abir. Abir says accountable for what Kunal failed at the celebration, what I did in roka… Nannu states and what you’re going to do beforehand. Abir says I’m not ideal. Nannu states nobody is ideal, however I agree that you are not ideal for Mishti.

Jasmeet asks Mishti to be with Nannu and response Abir. Mishti goes. Nannu states I understand Mishti considering years, I understand I might not provide pleasure to her as if you did. Abir says you might never give her sorrow, I understand you’re a wonderful man and aided her, Mishti is so nice and precious, I do not wish to lose her. Mishti comes and appears on. Nannu says you lost her.

Mishti asks Nannu to come in. Nannu asks would you need Abir to eventually become part of our union. Mishti says many guests arrive from the union, I do not care when he comes . Abir stops her and says . He believes liar, you don’t care. Nidhi arrives to perform aid to Meenakshi.

Meenakshi inquires did dad let you come to me personally. Nidhi says anything occurs, its your residence. Meenakshi says no one is with me. Nidhi says we’ll always encourage you, because Mishti arrived within our own life, what wrong is occurring, Parul is a fantastic woman, she’s here for you, sorry, when I understood in my Sautan’s kid, I’d have murdered her. She belongs. Meenakshi wipes tears. Jasmeet inquires Mishti did she inform Abir to proceed, Nannu did you conquer him. Nannu asks her to unwind.

Vishwamber inquires Mishti did you state that. Mishti states no. Rajshri says you need him to come here. Mishti says I do not care today, he’s no one to me personally, you decide what to tell him. Nannu says I do not care, its best to conserve Mishti from pain compared to battling somebody else.

Kunal hides from Kuhu. Kuhu states I know you’re here. She scolds him. Kunal says very sorry. She says I understand you paid my dhol artists twice and requested them to not come, I’ll kill you. He says I will do anything to get Abir.

She says that my loved Abir, he awakened Mishti’s heart, Vishwamber and Rajshri were eager for Abir and Mishti’s union, it got , I do not know what’s going to occur with Varsha if our union ends, why did you get Abir there, why are you really damaging them. Kunal claims sorry. She asks what exactly does Abir want.

Abir comes and states Mishti, bro hear me, I understood Mishti is your ideal woman and her family is the best, I wish to receive them back, do not I deserve one opportunity. Kuhu says I can not offer you another opportunity.

Kunal says Abir enjoys Mishti a great deal, can not you see. Kuhu says I adore Nanchak, he’s my brother, he also enjoys Mishti even if she does not love him. Abir inquires what, Mishti does not love Nishant. Nannu says I’m envious, I came to understand somebody is more imp than me, Bal gopal. He receives java. She states with marshmallows. He says I did not believe Abir will come here. She says I had been attempting to speak to himhe was not realizing.

He says that he realized you will not be of himso he’s arrived. She says that he never believed me his house, why would he need to come back here and speak to me personally, if I could know this then… He inquires afterward. She says nothing. He inquires actually, then sleep and go. She says sorry for all, thanks for encouraging me. He states I’m consistently with you. She moves believing Abir you have late, nothing could occur today. Abir states Kuhu, do not I deserve a chance, please, will not you give a opportunity to your appreciate. Kuhu sees Kunal. Abir says one sided love union can not be prosperous, you help me, I wish to speak to Mishti, telephone her in the tea stall, so I’ll speak to her.

Abir sees Meenakshi and believes was listening to our conversation. Kunal states tell Kuhu the actual reason behind which you abandon Mishti. Kuhu asks exactly what. Abir states no, I was poor and bankrupt Mishti’s heart, so it was my own error, Kuhu can you assist me.