Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 16th January 2020 : Meenakshi Keeps Her Condition

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 16th January 2020 upcoming story on

The Episode begins with Abir asking Meenakshi what is the condition he must fulfill. She states inspector, arrest Parul. Parul says I did not understand anything about the scam. Meenakshi says Parul, Mehul and whole village understands it. Abir says its about me, tell me what do you desire. Kaushal asks Meenakshi what’s she doing. Nidhi stops her.

Meenakshi says detain her. Nanu says I’ll go with Parul. Kunal asks why do you do so. Meenakshi says Parul and Mehul did everything, Babu ji stop, no use to go there. Kunal says I will take you Nanu. They go. Abir asks what is the condition, tell me. She says I do not threaten everything, I will do things that you know that I’m not only threatening, if Mishti comes in this home, then this home will endure.

Mishti says Abir won’t come, I attempted to receive his love, but he does not love me, or perhaps he loves me but does not trust me, I advised Kunal unknowingly, he did not ask me about it, I do not know anything, I could choose if I love him or not, I won’t love him today. They see Nannu. Kuhu calls Abir.

Meenakshi asks is that Mishti’s call. He says you’ve sent Parul to jail to keep me away from Mishti. She says nothing is imp to me than family. Abir says Meenakshi has delivered Parul to jail, she won’t depart everyone, I do not wish to be part of the family. Kaushal asks Meenakshi why did she do this. She scolds him. Nidhi asks them to stop it, they can not know a woman’s heart, Parul had snatched Meenakshi’s husband. Abir says stop it. Ketki says we were constantly together.

Meenakshi says , everything got ruined with Mishti’s coming, Ketki’s alliance broke, Mishti did not know Mehul’s fact and got him home, she told the truth to Kunal, my family has shattered, I m helpless to do so with Parul. Abir shouts you’re wrong. Sh says no, I’m right now, I did similar error 25 years ago, I did not hear my father and got a wrong guy in my life, you’re doing exactly the same mistake by picking a wrong life partner. He says you’re comparing me , I’m not like you, you’re comparing Mishti with Mehul, she is not like him,

Mishti saved Ketki’s lifetime, Mehul is in prison now, thank God she told the truth to Kunal, he takes his own decisions, wrong happened with Mishti, she loved somebody whose mother has a wrong thinking. She states Mishti is wrong, not your mother, you listen to me carefully, I’ve chosen a woman for you. He asks what.

She says you’ll marry her in the day, I called the registrar, Parul’s destiny is in your hand, believe, its your choice. Kuhu asks what is Nanchak doing here. Mishti believes I will not lie to him. Nannu asks them what is happening. Mishti says Nannu. He says call me Nishant. Kuhu lies. He says I’m so proud of you. Mishti says really, I came here because. .

Kuhu stops her and says do not be jealous. He says I spoiled your strategy. Mishti says it does not occur as we need, I will visit NGO. He inquires will I come along. Kuhu says go with her, I will go home. Kunal and Nanu attempt to help Parul. Nanu asks Parul not to worry. Abir comes. Nanu says Kaushal told me exactly what Meenu wants. Abir says I will let you know.

Mishti reveals the bangles to Nannu. He likes it. She says that the women here make beautiful bangles. The woman reminds about Abir. She says sorry. She goes. Nannu asks Mishti not to act strong, does she still love Abir. She says there isn’t any use to wait for him, I’m going to begin a new life with you, I promise, I won’t disappoint you. Nanu asks how will we win. Kunal says Abir can not forfeit his love, I will speak to Meenakshi, but she won’t hear me.

Abir believes Meenakshi wants me to marry somebody and ruin life. Parul asks what did Meenakshi ask you, tell me. Abir says sorry. She says you won’t do anything for me, Meenakshi will never accept Mishti, I’m no one to you. He says do not say this. She asks him never to lose Mishti. He asks her not to worry, he’ll make everything fine. She cries.

Kuhu comes to Abir and asks where were you. He says that there was a problem. She says you did not answer my call, you’re playing games here. He says I was doing some work, sorry, I understand how would Mishti feel. She says she’s tired waiting for you. He says she can not lose, I want your help. She says I can not help you more.

Ketki stops Kuhu and says you know what happened here, authorities detained Parul. Kuhu gets shocked. Abir says find some way to get Maasi out. Nanu says attorney said we can not get Parul from the jail, Meenakshi did not leave any alternative, if you do not marry, then Parul will probably be in jail forever, forgive me, your and Mishti’s togetherness was until here. Abir says I must speak to Mishti. Nanu says Kuhu will not help you, how are you going to meet her.

Kuhu and Ketki hear Kunal and Meenakshi talking. Meenakshi says if Abir marries now, I will take the criticism back. Kunal says , he will not be happy. Ketki stops Kuhu. Meenakshi asks him is he not pleased. He says do not do so with Abir. She asks did you come to beg for the brother or Parul. He says you know I can not call anybody else Maa, in the event you thought me a son, then do not force Abir to wed somebody else. She says if you’re my son, then why are you begging for Mishti.

Kuhu cries. Nanu says do not go now, its Mishti’s sangeet. Abir says only Mishti can save me from this issue. Kuhu says I can force you to fulfill Mishti, I’m sorry, I did not know this is occurring. He says I only need to meet Mishti once.