Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 17th January 2020 : Abir Meets Mishti To Seek Help

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 17th January 2020 upcoming story on

The Episode begins with Mishti viewing the bangle and remembering a second with Abir. FB reveals Abir acting and saying you can not even make a roti and bangle round. Mishti says its my dream to run away and marry. Abir says none will marry you for less, you must give my dowry. Mishti states these bangles are the dowry, its not so bad. He makes her wear the bangles. They smile. FB ends. Varsha comes and asks Mishti to attempt bangles. The bangles fall. Varsha and Mishti select the bangles.

Varsha makes her wear it. She says you chose to marry Nannu, its great. Mishti wears Abir’s bangle also. Varsha asks her to prepare and come. Nannu asks where is mother.

Mishti thinks where is everybody. Vishwamber says I do not understand, I had been waiting for dhol. They all come and dance on London Thumakda…. Mishti laughs. Mishti and Nannu dance. She believes everyone is so happy, I will not let them get more harm. Nannu gives her a juice beverage. She thanks him. He asks what are you thinking. She says I won’t ever let your confidence break.

Kunal asks what do you think. Abir says I think she will agree. Kunal says Kuhu would never hear. Abir says I m blessed to have everybody. Abir says you’ve got no idea how much blessed are we. Kuhu asks are you prepared. Kunal says I’m scared of Vishwamber, he behaves like villain. Kuhu says that your mum is also a villain. Abir says its alright, you’re in our team today. Shaurya calls out Kuhu and states get them in. Kuhu asks are you sure. Shaurya says , Ketki is the Nanand and buddy. Kuhu sees Ketki and states Ketki has arrived. Shaurya asks them to come shortly. Kuhu asks where did they go. Ketki says they went . Meenakshi comes to fulfill Parul.

She says I needed to take special permission to get food. Parul yells and says I did not think , you have sent me to jail, what was my error, I said I will support you. Meenakshi says you’re supporting me, come here, you think I came here to provide food, I came to say thank you, you’re here, Abir has no choice than to marry the woman of my choice, very sorry, I understand Abir loves you more than me, he can not see Kunal and you in trouble.

Parul asks how long are you going to threaten him. Meenakshi says until he has married. . My worry will finish, he’s not like his father, he won’t find any other girl, Mishti’s thing will end, my family will be happy, have food. Parul says I do not need any food, I beg you, let me be here all life, do not do so with Abir, Mishti always supported fact, she’s Abir’s happiness.

Meenakshi cries enough, you demonstrated that darkness also leaves in darkness, Mishti only got darkness, now we’ll get light in our own lives, Abir will marry the woman of my choice, Mishti will go away out of our own lives, nobody will take her name along with my son’s name. Kuhu says Ketki got a surprise for us. Kuhu says songs will play in cans, Rangeelo Rameo troupe will be coming, prepare. Abir gives headphones to Mishti. He says fine bangle and goes. She turns to see. Everyone wears dancing and headset.

Abir and Kunal take the Gujarati disguise. They perform dhol and dance with Kuhu. Mishti dances and yells dupatta. Abir catches it. Ketki and others combines. Say na say na….plays…. Mishti stumbles. Abir holds her. Saathiya…. .plays… Abir removes his glasses. She sees him. She takes him apart. She sees Kunal. Abir dances with Mishti. She asks him to go. He says I want to speak, come with me, else I’ll come before your Bade Papa/Vishwamber. She worries. He belongs to Vishwamber. Mishti states Nannu, I will just come in two mins.

Abir and Mishti go out. Abir says I only have half an hour. Meenakshi calls Abir and says union registrar is on the way, woman’s family is here, come home soon, its not late for Parul. Mishti comes. Abir says I got late, I m sorry. Mishti says we got late, Abir.

She returns the bangle. She says nothing was ordinary in our narrative, I do not want to live with old memories, I cried a lot, I wish to proceed, please go out of here. Abir says I came to ask your aid, I must have done this earlier, I left you away. She says I can not help you. He says that you don’t do my mistake, thanks, I’m going to have a significant decision for someone I love. She says I’m marrying Nannu. He says I know, like your choice will change your life, my choice will alter my life, tell me what will I do.

Mishti says you struggled for household, I struggled for the right, do not know who won. Abir says I dropped everything, even you, I can not fight more, did you ever believe that you lost courage. She recalls Mehul kidnapping her.

She says you’re my guts, but not today, I stopped thinking from heart, you need advice, my aid, never take decision in the heart, feelings are incorrect, there’s absolutely not any logic, truth never changes, truth is that you left me, you do not trust me, this fact won’t ever change, my heart wants me to speak with you, but no, I won’t hear my heart and you.

He stops her and says Thank you for helping, take your truth with you. He makes her wear bangle. He says that this will remind you, you may never accept defeat. She smiles. Dheere dheere….plays…. She goes. He believes you’re right like always, whatever my heart says, I will not hear it.

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