Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke : Mishti Loses Abir’s Love

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 1st January 2020 Upcoming Story on

The Episode Begins with Mishti and Meenakshi arguing. Mishti says you feel you did not tell Kunal that you are not his real mum so he’ll become like you, you may regret to understand that his blood is more powerful than your own values. Parul asks her to stop it rather than blame Meenakshi. Mishti greets her and apologizes. Meenakshi says that your lies work on your home, not in my family, go and inform the family about your imitation relation.

Mishti says I did a mistake and came to apologize, my family will be proud, you’re manipulating the household, you are not doing anybody’s right, I guarantee, what is mine will be mine, I will not allow you to snatch it. Meenakshi says you won’t have some place in my loved ones, do not come again, go. She goes with Parul. Mishti sends a sound message to Abir. She asks him to meet her for five mins.

Nannu asks what if Mishti fails afterward… Rajshri comes. She asks his response. He asks her to state whom will she choose between Abir and him. She recalls Abir. He states Abir, right, I will understand your answer. She says I will give a opportunity to both the men to see who can struggle to win her woman, who really loves her, I will give him Mishti’s hand. Mishti recites Abir’s poetry. Abir comes. They talk via walk and hearts to one another.

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They believe everything will get fine today. He sees Nannu there. He believes someone has come between us. She says I was waiting for you, listen to me. He asks are you sure. She says yes, I’m very sorry, it was not my error in Kunal’s matter. He says you’d have blamed Kunal for everything. She says listen to the whole thing, Nannu’s state was such. He says you care for Nannu, there’s nothing left to talk today.

She says you believe you do not know me. Abir says I understood Mishti, but not Mishti 2.0 and her BF. She cries and says Vishwamber said we…. Abir says we’re the past, I don’t have any place in your future, you should visit Nannu. He goes and believes stop me Mishti, tell me, you did not move on. Nannu comes to Mishti. She turns to telephone Abir. Nannu asks what happened, did he leave you alone, come with me. They go.

Abir says Mishti moved on, she informed Vishwamber too, I don’t have any place in her life. Mishti cries and says I love Abir, how can he say that. Nannu says do not cry, he’s moved on, you are not alone. Kuhu talks to Varsha on telephone. Varsha says you understood it earlier, Mishti said there is nothing between Abir and her, what did you think.

Kuhu states Kunal and Abir fulfilled Nannu before I met him, I did not know they’re serious, we’ll distribute candies if marriage is fixed, is Mishti marrying Nanchak. Varsha says everyone is not blessed like you and Kunal. Kuhu says I will talk afterwards. Meenakshi believes Vishwamber is sensible and made my job easy. Mishti recalls Abir’s cries and words. Nannu gets green tea for her.

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Nannu asks how long shall I see you getting hurt, its hard for me to see you hurt. She states Abir rejected me, so you did not reject Vishwamber’s idea. He says come on, why shall I feel sorry. She asks why did not you say no to Vishwamber. He says we’ll talk afterwards and maintain focus on you.

She says everybody is hurt for me. He says nobody is upset on you. She asks are not you refusing due to the family. He says I do not wish to refuse. She asks what do you mean. He gets tensed. He states I wanted you to win in the plan, I’m fed up of your filmi lines, I would like you to have a true smile, its hard for me to see you cry since I… She says you’re my very best friend, I have same feelings for you.

He says thanks, but I must give you a reality check, Abir did not return, he won’t return. Abir sees Meenakshi speaking about Mishti’s marriage. She says we understand Mishti and Nishant are business partners, thanks for providing me a call. Abir believes Mishti is prepared for marriage.

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