Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 20th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode starts with everyone wondering about Abir’s whereabouts. Kuhu comes and asks Varsha to converse with her. Vishambharnat claims that Abir has arrived. Mishti comes on balcony.

Everybody looks at Abir. Vishambharnat states he understood Abir could be late but now he’ll let him decide. Abir states that it is a big day for him and he did not want to begin a new life with queries so he requested help to people who think of him like a son to clear his confusion. Kunal asks what confusion. Just then Abir attracts Meenakshi there and everyone gets happy. Kunal goes to her. Yeh rishtey hain pyaar ke title track plays. Vishambharnat welcomes Meenakshi. Varsha asks Kuhu to depart.

Mishti believes that one problem got solved but wonders if her marriage will occur on such a mandap or not. Jasmeet brings Kuhu from the room and asks her what she wanted to say. Kuhu answers something very important. Jasmeet inquires Mishti if she made another drama.

Rajshri and Varsha do respictively Abir and Kunal’s aarti and bless them. The two grooms are requested to enter within the house.

Meenakshi comes in Kuhu and Mishti’s room and asks them if they felt bad that she arrived. Jasmeet claims that Kuhu wasn’t keen to get married without her. Mishti and Kuhu take her blessings. Meenakshi asks them if she can bring them into the mandap. Kuhu states that it’s a excellent idea. Mishti claims that Kuhu’s wedding will occur first so she needs to take her just for the time being. Kuhu gets happy. Rajshri comes and is astonished to hear that. Meenakshi says that the muharat is only for 30 minutes and two weddings need to occur. Mishti states that all this can not come between her and Abir today and she’ll come after Kuhu and Kunal’s vows are all done. Rajshri asks her if she convinced. Mishti says she’s. Jasmeet and Rajshri takes Kuhu away. Meenakshi blesses Mishti and says she revealed that she had chased her. She leaves.

Mishti goes on balcony and yells recalling how she and Abir decorated the mandap. She says that nobody will have the ability to snatch her joy, not Kuhu for certain, and her wedding will happen now on muhurat time just despite Kuhu’s immaturity.

Kuhu comes down and smiles at Kunal. Vishambharnat inquires Rajshri where Mishti is. She informs him that Mishti desires Kuhu’s vows to occur . Varsha hears that and states that both weddings will happen simultaneously and is going to go to take Mishti but Meenakshi states that Mishti has already taken the decision to give Kuhu her right. Vishakha says it is not only Mishti’s decision and asks Abir his view. He says that he can do anything for Kuhu and gets up for mandap requesting her and Kunal to perform quickly.
Mishti wipes her tears looking at the moon.

Kuhu and Kunal sit mandap and the wedding rituals begin. “Aaj se mera ghar tera ho gaya” plays. Abir keeps appearing upstairs and then goes to Mishti. They go somewhere. Kuhu and Kunal take vows and then Kunal create Kuhu wear mangalsutra and sets vermillion on her maang. Their wedding is finished.

Only five minutes are left for the muhurat to complete however Abir and Mishti are nowhere. Jugnu asks everyone to follow him.

Abir has organized a bus decorated with lights. Abir and Mishti look at him grinning and hug. Jugnu attracts the family there and they grin seeing Mishti and Abir sitting on a mandap on the roof of the bus. Everybody claps. Rituals of Mishti and Abir’s wedding beginning. They exchange garlands. Kuhu is miserable seeing all this. Abir makes Mishti wear mangalsutra and fills her maang with sindur. Pandit ji says that now they need to take vows walking on the source of the bus just but there’s very less space.