Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar ke 22nd January 2020 upcoming story on

The episode begins with Abir telling Nishant his name will be on Mishti’s mehendi only since their title was written together in the fate so he must accept his fiancée loves him. Nishant shouts that it’s sufficient and punched Abir. Mishti comes in between and attempts stopping Nishant who gets mad seeing Abir’s name on her hands and pushes her off.

Abir is enraged seeing that and punches Nishant back making him fall on floor. Kuhu inquires Abir why he did so as Nishant pushed him by error only. Abir says he can not forgive him for pushing Mishti.

Vishambharnat says that is sufficient and now this story must end. He belongs to Mishti and asks her to tell her choice to everybody. He asks her to say whom he enjoys between Abir and Nishant and that she wants to give her hand to between Abir who’s left her hands once or Nishant who’s never left her side and thanks to whom their family is happily together now. Everybody looks at Mishti awaiting a response. Mishti takes Abir’s name shocking everyone. But only then Mishti turns and asks Abir to depart.

Vishambharnat tells Abir the decision of his destiny was taken so he ha shall leave now and never return in this house. Kunal tries talking up but Vishambharnat cuts him stating that nobody will talk today after Mishti has already said what she wanted. Kunal and Kuhu asks Abir to proceed. He walks away but Nishant stops him and tells him that his story is finished. Abir starts leaving. Saathya sad version plays. Vishambharnat sees Mishti wipinh her tear.

Afterwards Mishti enters in her room and cries her heart out in front of the mirror. Saathya keeps playing. Mishti looks at her mehendi and attempts removing Abir’s name. She says it is too late now, she waited two weeks to listen to all this.
On the other hand Abir cries saying that he dropped everything as he did not listen to Mishti for 2 months.

Mishti claims that Abir had broken her while her family joined her bits and she can not disappoint them.

Kunal cleans Abir’s blood that’s coming out from his small harm and then blames himself for all this. Kuhu hugs him while he yells. Abir looks at them and then walks off. He believes if he’s lost Mishti eternally and his story has ended.

Jasmeet inquires Nishant what else he wishes to happen now. Nishant says that Abir came afte he called her there simply because he wanted to break his mindset and believed that Mishti will choose him while Mishti would like to marry him just. Jasmeet informs him that he does not understand how much Mishti enjoys Abir as she’s seen her fighting against everyone for Abir. She asks Nishant to break this alliance but he refuses saying that he won’t allow this connection break him.

Nanu attracts Abir in the playground where Abir and Mishti spent many memories and Abir asks why he brought him there. Kunal claims that Nanu is fearful that they could return and Meenakshi may question them for Abir’s harm. Ketki claims that Nishant’s punch should not hurt much and Nanu answers that it is Mishti’s no that harm him.

Kunal claims that Mishti said no just because she picked her family how Abir had picked him and asks Abir to not believe that she broke his heart. Abir says that love isn’t everything. Kunal suggests him to inform Mishti why she broke their connection.

Mishti comes to Jasmeet and Nishant and asks Jasmeet to stop calling her “Mishti pot”. Nishant refuses. Mishti claims she came to inquire time for Mauli pooja and promises her that each function will happen. Jasmeet gets happy and goes to speak with Varsha concerning the pooja. Nishant goes behind her also.

Rajshri comes and informs Mishti that she’s proud of her. Mishti answers that she learnt everything out of her just. Rajshri states that she was fearful that she could pick Abir. Mishti states that the most important thing for her is that she, Vishambharnat and Abir does not get hurt. Rajshri corrects her stating Nishant. She leaves. Nishant appears on from corridor.

Meenakshi inquires Parul where are Abir and Kunal but Parul does not reply. Nidhi asks her to talk. Meenakshi says she has been denied to talk. Nanu comes and Meenakshi asks him to eat something but he states he has had sufficient because of her.

Abir and many others come and Meenakshi asks who hurt him. Abir replies that she’s hurt him. Meenaskhi says that she won’t spare Maheshwaris understanding that he’d gone to their home only. Abir recitates a poem requesting Meenakshi to stay away.

Rajshri recalls Abir apologizing ans Mishti stating Abir’s title rather than Nishant’s. She’s confused. Only then she receives Devyani’s call and she says she’s coming from the wedding. Rajshri shares her worries with her about Abir because Mishti hasn’t forgotten him maybe. She states that she doesn’t understand what’s within Mishti’s heart and what’s ideal for her. Devyani states she knows she’ll take the perfect choice for Mishti only.

The following morning Maheshwaris have tea and are preparing to go to temple.

On other yand Abir reaches the temple with Parul and recalls saying I love you to Mishti there. Parul asks her why she suggested her in temple. He informs her that she was fearful of Meenakshi and for Kuhu and Kunal. They go in the temple and Abir claims that if there’s written their marriage in their fate, nobody can change it.

Rajshri informs Mishti that pooja cannot occur in Bal Gopal temple because an incident occurred so Mishti calls Pandit Ji and states they could do pooja in Ambe Maa mandir.

Abir is in that mandir just and states that the romance which got Ambe Maa’s blessing can’t be over yet.