Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar ke 24th January 2020 Upcoming Story on

The episode begins with Abir bumping into Parul by error and making her fall. Abir rushes to help her. Kunal walks by there but does not stop. Meenakshi comes there and looks at them. Parul asks Abir when he got Mishti’s call.
On the other hand Nishant asks Mishti if she’s awaiting Abir to come and explain why he’d broken their alliance and asks if she’s going to forgive him when he comes and tells her. He says that tomorrow is their marriage but he can not proceed before knowing the answer to this question.

Mishti informs him that the temple was a really special place for him since she and Abir had promised to fight for each other there and she declares on that temple that there’s not any place for Abir in her future and tells Nishant the mauli dhaaga had got broken while she was freeing her hands from Abir’s grip. She asks Nishant to trust . Nishant says he must tell her another thing. Only then Mishti receives a call and it is from Abir. Nishant thinks to inform Mishti whatever Abir desired to show her when she picks up the telephone but Mishti cuts it. Mishti informs him that she had promised not to hurt him. Abir is frustrated and throws colours on canvas but then regrets. Mishti informs Nishant that she won’t wait for anyone and won’t make him wait.

Nishant calls Abir to make him listen whatever Mishti is saying. Abir asks someone to pick up the telephone and put it on speaker because his hands are filthy with colour. Kunal comes and does this. They hear Mishti stating that she’s moved on now and does not care about the rationale for which Abir broke their alliance. Nishant smiles and walks off. He talks with Abir on telephone and reminds him that he’d said he would not come to them if Mishti does not change her decision. Abir says he recalls.

Kunal inquires Abir why he promised Nishant that and states he should not have trusted him. Abir states he does not know Nishant but understands Mishti who would have hurried to him if Nishant had told her the truth he did not but now he knows exactly what to do. Meenakshi overhears them and says that Mishti and Abir’s union won’t ever happen.

Later Nishant is performing jogging and believes if he’s done by not telling Mishti the fact but then believes that Mishti has taken her choice and Abir for her is similar to intoxication that gives happiness for some time and then pain just. Meenakshi comes and says he is correct and asks Nishant if he’s prepared to live without Mishti because she’ll have to know the truth one day. She offers her help to Nishant but he refuses informs her that she got his drink spiked. Meenakshi says that Abir and Mishti became more remote then just and Mishti got nearer to him instead. Nishant is going to leave. Meenakshi says she’ll wait for his call. He goes away.

Maheshwaris are assembled in the living area. Kuhu says that today they’ll sing and dance for the entire night. Rajshri asks for Mishti and Jasmeet claims that she must be getting prepared and is going to go to get her just then Mishti comes. She’s holding the doll home Vishambharnat had gifted her. She sings”Dilbaro” and has emotional. Kuhu sings too and hugs Shaurya. Mishti hugs Vishambharnat. Everybody dances. Kuhu recalls her union with Kunal. Only then Kunal comes there and takes Vishambharnat’s blessings. Everybody dances again and has emotional.

Rajshri informs Mishti that she made them cry. Jasmeet says that she’s feeling emotional though it isn’t her daughter’s bidaai. Mishti says it was only the trailer and just find out what’s going to occur during wedding. Nishant thinks it is the first time Mishti is discussing the marriage and he believes she wants to marry him. Kunal thinks the exact same and thinks he has to speak to her at any price.

Mishti goes into her room where Kuhu is crying. She says that if she cries she will feel that she’s going to miss her. Kuhu makes an excuse and says she might have picked another song. Mishti thanks her because for the first time her tears looks those of happiness. Kuhu says Nishant appears so happy also. She leaves.

Mishti looks at the mirror and believes her family deserves happiness only and she’ll give them all of it. Just then she hears Kunal talking about Abir’s injury and she gets stressed immediately. She rushes into the location Kunal was mentioning. Kunal believes that Abir was correct and Mishti is coming.

Mishti comes in the area where Kunal was stating that the incident happened yelling Abir’s name. She feels his existence and turns around watching him. Saathya plays. Mishti runs to hug Abir. She yells asking Abir if he’s fine and informs her that she got scared a lot. Abir states he got scared too but she’s come now. Mishti realizes he whined about error and asks what his problem is. \

Abir asks her what her problem is because she keeps escaping from fact yet has come to meet him leaving her role. Mishti says he knows everything. Abir states that she does not know everything though. He shows Mishti the way Meenakshi had blackmailed him stating that she’ll throw Kunal and Parul out if he marries her, that’s why he broke the alliance. Mishti cries and states it means she was correct, her love was correct and he does not despise her.

Abir says he can’t hate her ever. Mishti hugs him. Nishant sees them. Mishti claims that everyone thought she made a mistake by picking him because he does not love her. Abir states that she was correct only and she’s only his. Mishti cries. Abir says he’ll love her forever despite her choice. Mishti recalls about Nishant and recomposes. Abir asks her to not give Nishant a connection where there’s only one sided love.

Mishti goes off and cries her heart out. She asks God why Meenakshi hates her so much that she utilized her equally sons against her. She states that she kept trying to show her love and hope right and now that she won she’s feeling like she’s lost. She asks what she should do. A child comes and gives her balloons asking her not to shout. She wipes Mishti’s tears.

Rajshri informs Vishambharnat the Kuhu and Mishti’s song was really great. Vishambharnat claims that Abir did not come along with his family including Mishti was so satisfied. Rajshri asks him if he’s sure about his choice. She states that she just wants Mishti’s joy, she does not know if Abir needs to be trusted or not but they dashed with Mishti and Nishant’s relation. Vishambharnat replies it is not time to doubt their choice since all connections of the home now is determined by Nishant and Mishti’s one.

Nishant regrets not telling the truth to Mishti himself. He tries convincing himself that there’s not any fear since Mishti promised him to marry him Abir can not win. He tells himself that Mishti is his sole.