Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke : Meenakshi’s Scary Dream

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

The episode begins with Mishti stating to Nishant that she frustrated Bade Papa so much. Nishant proposes her to go and speak to him but she asks him how she’ll confront him after lying to him. Nishant says she has to be embarassed to go in front of people with such a face because she is not as good looking as him. She asks him if he’s there to assist her or mock her.

Nishant says that they’ll always be children for elders who might need to forgive their mistakes so asks her to go and apologize. Mishti states that she did a huge mistake by planning to create Abir jealous. Nishant says they did it together.

On the other hand Abir brings noodles for Kunal and gets happy seeing Kunal grinning but Kunal says he’s not in the mood to have it. Abir insists and makes him eat the noodles. Kunal hugs him. Meenakshi looks at them and recalls bringing infant Kunal to some little Abir who had promised to love and protect Kunal always.

Meanwhile Vishambharnath asks the Maheshwaris to not talk with Mishti. Jasmeet isn’t ready to believe that there’s something between Mishti and Nishant. Shaurya states that there are a whole lot of questions in front of them.

Mishti comes there and apologizes for not telling them that she’s doing a business deal with Abir. Vishambharnath asks her if she still enjoys Abir.

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Abir comes in Kuhu’s room and apologizes for not listening to her earlier. Kuhu states she was right to obey the whole story . Abir believes that Mishti did not do right with Kunal and inquires Kuhu if everything is fine at home. Kuhu states that she will call and tell him but he says no and leaves.

Rajshri and Shaurya say it is impossible that Mishti still enjoys Abir after what happened. Vishambharnath wonders why she had been secretly meeting Abir. Nishant comes and tells them that the error is his and he’d signed the contract before understanding that the customer was Abir. Nishant calls Abir without anyone noticing him.

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Mishti states that it’s her error only because she did not tell them the truth and apologizes to Rajshri and Vishambharnath. The latter questions them about their connection and ask them if they love each other. Nishant replies yes making everyone shocked. Abir hears that through the telephone and gets sad.

Meenakshi recalls Kunal telling Kuhu that Mishti told her the truth. Abir comes to her and congratulates her because Mishti forgot him and has moved on. Meenakshi says that it is a fantastic thing only and informs her what Mishti did to Kunal. Abir reminds her that when she had not blackmailed him Mishti could have been his wife now. Meenakshi says that Mishti isn’t the ideal woman for him and this home. He blames her for anything happened and says that now that Kunal knows the fact he’s going to bring Mishti house and she can not stop him. It’s shown to be Meenakshi’s imagination only.

She swears to not allow Abir and Mishti combine. On the other hand Jasmeet isn’t able to think that Mishti has forgotten Abir and is with Nishant and she states that she won’t let them get married. Varsha claims that they need to give them time, not talk about marriage yet.

Abir is riding cycle remembering Nishant stating he and mishti like every other and believes that Mishti forgot him later says that he sent her away from him.

Mishti is on cycle also and believing that Nishant should haven’t lied to everyone and Abir should have listened to her. Only then Nishant comes there and stops her. Abir sees them together and leaves.

Nishant tells Mishti that she’s extremely special and such a fantastic person to consider everybody. He states that her love story ought to be such where she does not have to explain herself each time. Mishti says that she’s fighting for Abir.

Nishant says he is fighting for her joy and asks her will that Abir who enjoys her return. Mishti states she may get everything after suffering only. He replies that pain isn’t always gain. She asks him what happened to him today he whined in accordance with their plans only. He states that he did that simply because the household was judging her. He tries making her know that Abir has changed and does not care about her anymore. Mishti isn’t ready to believe. Nishant leaves saying he can’t fight for her anymore.

Vishambharnath recalls little Mishti asking her if she can play with boys too and him indicating her to play with whomever she desires but corrrctly.

Meenakshi comes to fulfill Vishambharnath and informs him that Abir and Mishti should get married. She says that she understands about their bargain and is there to talk about mishti and abir’s relation because she can not fight with her son anymore but adds that mishti can become abir’s spouse but not her daughter .