Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 26th February : ABIR AND MISHTI’S COOKING FACE OFF

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 26th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Kunal and Abir doing yoga. Abir asks Kunal to put down the telephone. He states that he needed to look at an essential message. Abir claims that Uma Patel will stay there only. Kunal informs him that it had been Kuhu’s message because maybe they had a little fight yesterday. Abir asks him who’s angry and he answers that maybe he’s the person who’s angry. Kunal is going to tell him what happened and says that they lied on bed but before he could tell what happened next Abir cuts him stating that he doesn’t need to understand further as it’d be too much info. Kunal says he wants to listen or else he will not know the issue. He starts telling Abir he and Kuhu were lying on bed and he began going closer to her. Abir cuts him saying he does not need to hear. Kunal tries telling him that Kuhu kicked him and he dropped but Abir does not listen and leaves saying that he can not speak about all this with him. Kunal wonders how he’ll know whose fault it was when he does not tell him. Abir asks him to apologize and finish it and leave. Kunal thinks about it.

Abir goes back into his area where Mishti apologizes for him for sleeping till late. He states that she slept too early despite being their very first night. Mishti claims that everything occurred in tension and she felt like she slept peacefully after ages. She accidentaly strikes a framework with Abir, Kunal and Meenakshi’s picture and it breaks. She blames herself for not doing anything right and sits on bed wondering how she’ll win everyone’s heart. She asks Abir to not tell anyone that she broke the framework. Abir sits next to her and asks her pitiful. She asks him why she’s apologizing. Abir informs him that he is not upset with her and he should not have done such a prank. Mishti claims that everybody else must be upset since she woke up late and the first rasoi isn’t stupid. Abir tells her that it is not an examination but life and they’ll have the ability to celebrate daily if they life it together.

Kunal and Jugnu are talking about a necklace. Kuhu comes and asks them that necklace. Seeing her, Kunal goes to her and hugs her after making certain that there’s nobody around. He apologizes for not checking her message on time since he was doing yoga with Abir. Kuhu informs him that she had been planning a surprise for him and believed they’ll go for a long drive in a red sportscar but they delivered a purple sportscar that doesn’t match with her garments. Kunal smiles and says that thank God she is not angry. Kuhu claims that thank God he had been worried that she could be mad. She asks her about the necklace that he was referring to. He reminds her that Nidhi had given her a necklace to maintain.

Meenakshi comes and says that she wants to give that necklace to Mishti for her first rasoi. She asks Kuhu to maintain the necklace with her secure. Kuhu agrees but tells her that Mishti can’t cook. Meenakshi says that she did not know about it but there’s not any problem and they won’t do this ritual afterward.
Mishti is concerned and shares with Abir she can’t cook. Abir indicates her to refuse to perform the initial rasoi ritual. They come downstairs and Mishti takes blessings from Meenakshi touching her toes. Meenakshi says that her place isn’t in her toes but in her heart.

Kuhu informs Mishti that everybody was planning her first rasoi and she informed them that she has nothing to do with cooking. Meenakshi says that there isn’t any need to perform this ritual if she does not know how to cook. Mishti says that she would like to try once. Meenakshi asks her if she’s sure. Mishti says she’s ready. Abir says he’s ready too.
Jugnu comes and provides an apricot to Abir and you to Mishti. Abir says that today there’ll be a cooking face off in the home. Parul comes and says that nothing is off. Abir clarifies her that Mishti and he’ll cook two meals and the person who cooks better will win.

Kunal brings Kaushal from the kitchen and he begins doing commentary for the contest. Everybody is excited and happy. Meenakshi asks Kuhu to bring the necklace out of the room. She leaves.

Kaushal behaves like SRK and informs Abir and Mishti they have 20 minutes. Mishti asks that will judge their dishes. Ketki says she will. Kunal says he is not going to consume candies so he can’t. Meenakshi says that she’ll eat candies for sure. Abir tells them that he’s predicted judge from outside. Meenakshi says that it means there’s another surprise.

Mishti and Abir start cooking. They discuss an eyelock as they accidentally come nearer. Kunal comments that there’s romance happening during work. Mishti says that there isn’t any romance whilst working but only work and gets back to cook. Abir calls Kunal the biggest enemy of dance and says he will complain with his wife .
Kuhu comes in the room and gets the necklace box. She opens it and looks at the necklace remembering that Nanu reported that this was for Mishti, the most special daughter-in-law of the home. She also recalls fighting Kunal about the exact same and Mishti telling her that she does not want to fight. She shakes her head. She goes in the front of the mirror with the necklace. Meenakshi comes and asks her if she had been attempting it. Kuhu denies it. Meenakshi says she knows that the necklace is extremely nice so anyone would like it . Kuhu states that it is ok. Meenakshi says that she’s already provided a necklace to Mishti and this one needs to be hers but she must do more for Mishti since she is not pleased with her that means that Abir is not happt with her also. Kuhu understands her. Meenakshi informs Kuhu that she can try wearing the necklace and see how it looks and then bring it down. She leaves. \

Kuhu recalls how previously Rajshri had given her doll into Mishti stating that she’s fresh in the house so she must consider her more. She gets upset. \

Meanwhile Mishti believes that she can’t cook just like human beings so how can she cook like Abir. Nidhi asks her to hurry up and states that if it had been Kuhu, she would have become a loser like her. Kunal agrees that Kuhu never loses. Nidhi asks him to assist Mishti. Kaushal says he can not do that or Mishti will be from the competition. He takes everybody from the kitchen.

Abir tells Mishti that she’s going to lose and calls her wifey. Mishti asks really and makes a face. He looks at her and informs her that she’s chocolate on her face. Mishti asks him to wash it off. He does that and does not notice that his dish is burning. After discovering that, he predicts Mishti a cheater. She laughs and says that everything is fair in love and war. Just then the doorbell rings. Mishti asks who’s that. Abir informs him that their judges have come. Mishti hears Vishambharnat’s title and blames Abir for doing it intentionally knowing that she would get nervous. Abir repeats her conversation which everything is fair in love and war. Mishti says he will lose anyway.

On the other hand Vishambharnat claims that Abir called them to get a ritual. Nidhi informs him that it is about the initial rasoi. Shaurya says thankfully they ate before coming since Mishti is cooking. Rajshri claims that Mishti can cook meals. Kuhu comes and says that nobody could eat that food. Varsha asks her to shut up. She goes to hug her parents. Parul asks Varsha not to scold Kuhu who’s the happiness of the home.

Kunal comes and explains to the Maheshwaris a cooking competition is happening between Abir and Mishti. He asks Varsha who’d have won if there was a rivalry between him and Kuhu. Nidhi claims that just her Kuhu teacher would triumph. Meenakshi thanks Kuhu for bringing the necklace out of her room.

Rajshri goes to check what’s happening in the kitchen and says that it looks like a tornado came on Mishti’s side but it did not reach Abir. She compliments him. The entire family comes. Kaushal states that there’s odor of something burning. It is Mishti’s cake that got burnt. Kaushal informs Abir and Mishti there are 8 minutes left. They all leave.

Meenakshi shows the necklace she’s going to give Mishti into Varsha and Rajshri. Kuhu looks at it and is going to hold it Meenakshi stops her and asks her not to worry because she’ll let her give the necklace to Mishti. Kuhu sits down. Meenakshi smirks and believes she understands what she’s done looking at Kuhu who looks worried.