Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

The episode begins with Meenakshi telling Vishambharnath she won’t accept Mishti because her daughter-in-law since Mishti has attempted breaking Kunal and Abir’s relationship whereas she’s always tried to maintain her family united. She states that Mishti must pay for what she did that is why she’s telling him that if Mishti marries Abir she’ll show her a mother-in-law is. She leaves.

Vishambharnath remembers her voice while walking in the sector and does not notice a car coming behind him. Abir is there and sees him. He’s going to go to him but some folks rescue Vishambharnath before Abir and makes him sit. Abir buys some water and asks a child to give it to Vishambharnath. When the latter asks the child who gave the jar, Abir was gone.

On the other hand Rajshri and Varsha attempt to calm Jasmeet down because she states that she wants to know what is happening in her son’s life. Nishant comes and they ask him if there’s any particular woman in his life. Jasmeet asks him to definitely tell her what is happening. Nishant informs them that Mishti is his best friend. Jasmeet asks him if Mishti is his best friend girlfriend or only.

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Meanwhile Mishti sneaks into Rajvansh Mansion dressed up among the servants. She hides her face when Kuhu stops her and, believing that it is a slave, asks her around Kunal. Kuhu sees Kunal and goes towards her.

On the opposite side Nishant claims that Mishti is a woman and is his friend so that she becomes his girlfriend. Jasmeet asks him to stop joking around. Rajshri also asks her to straightly inform them what the truth is. Nishant tells them to inquire Mishti what she feels. Rajshri asks him to tell them exactly what he believes about Mishti.

He states that Mishti is a really important part of his life and he can not see her getting hurt and whoever wishes to hurt Mishti will need to face him. Vishambharnath overhears him. Saying this, Nishant goes off.

Mishti goes within Abir’s area and says he must answer her now but he isn’t there. She recalls that this room was the place where she must understand he loves her. She gets happy seeing that Abir has maintained her memories and asks why he kept them if he does not love her. She says that she understands that he loves her.

Only then she receives Rajshri’s telephone and she asks her to come home because she wants to speak with her urgently. Mishti has gotten the reply to her questions so she decides to leave.

Abir comes back home also. Parul asks him if he’s talked to Kunal. He tells her that he’s spoke to Kunal and persuaded him not to go anywhere but they will need to combine to make him happy. Mishti sneaks out of the house.

Only then Jugnu comes to Abir and Parul yelling that someone stole his clothes. Abir recalls Mishti doing this in the past. He sees a person dressed up in Jugnu’s garments going from the home and believes that it can not be his Mishti because she does not love him anymore.

Kunal recalls Mishti’s words. Kuhu states that the situation is same but people are different. Kunal asks her what she means. Kuhu says that she’s recalling the day she had been told that she is not her mother’s real daughter and that she had been her father’s mistake. Kunal asks what happened after she got to understand.

Kuhu claims that fact is like a straightforward which will appear on a particular day despite putting toothpaste on it just like truth comes out. She recalls how her mother was devastated. Kunal asks her which mother and then apologizes for the queries.

Kuhu retains Kunal’s hand and says it is ok. She provides him coke and says that she’s just a single mother and that is Varsha Maheshwari. She informs him that she needed several times for Varsha to be her real mother and her entire life to be perfect. Kunal claims her life was perfect but then she got married.