Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 28th February : Meenakshi’s plan to break Mishti and Kuhu’s bond

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The episode begins with Abir inquiring Mishti if there’s a tension and what she’s hiding from him. Mishti says it is not fair that he gets to know whether there’s something wrong just by looking at her so she must show him the back. Abir says that she can’t conceal anything from him today because she’s his wife. Mishti says he can’t give her orders. Abir replies he is going to complain to Rajshri and inform her that her daughter slept in their first night. Mishti ask him not to tell her that.

Rajshri walks and Abir is going to go to her but Mishti stops him. Abir asks her to tell what is the issue. She tells him that she’s tensed due to the necklace and she’s worried that something might go wrong in the pooja too. Abir assures her that nothing will go wrong in the pooja. Rajshri comes to them and the three sit in car. \

Meenakshi calls Uma Patel and has to know Kunal has attained office. She goes to Nanu and says that Kunal should take a rest from work. Nanu states her son is like her and can’t take any rest from work. Parul looks on.

On the other hand Vishambharnat and Rajshri are praising Kunal also for being so great with business work. Rajshri claims that Kunal is just like Meenakshi.

Parul says to Nanu he is right and Kunal is similar to Meenakshi only. Meenakshi asks her if she does not feel too that Kunal should back off from work a bit and devote time to Kuhu. Parul wonders how to make Kunal know that. Meenakshi says that she’s his mother so that she should consider a way to convince Kunal. Parul agrees. Meenakshi thinks this is important to violate Kuhu and Mishti and Kuhu must break tonight itself so that she can prove her loved ones that the villain in this story is Mishti who could not be her sister’s so how can she be a part of the family.

Abir comes back home and sees that Mishti has predicted NGO people there to work for pooja. Parul goes to him and asks about Kunal’s whereabouts. He says he has to be with Uma Patel as usual. Parul asks him to speak with Kunal and make him understand he wants to provide time to Kuhu leaving work for some time. Abir agrees. Meenakshi overhears their conversation and believes that now she must wait for Kuhu for to know that Kunal is stepping back out of business.

Abir gets Mishti’s call. He thanks her for attempting to make the pooja so unique. She asks him to stop threatening her what happened in their first night. Abir agrees but asks her to stay awake tonight in exchange.

Meanwhile Kuhu complains about Mishti with Jasmeet because Mishti isn’t letting her do anything at the Pooja and she can’t even say anything else she’ll tell everybody that she broke the necklace. Jasmeet reminds her Mishti became great in front of everybody making her favourite cake but jeopardized her behind the trunk. She states that Mishti is plotting something for certain. Kuhu states that she had been crying. Jasmeet claims that those were crocodile’s tears. Jasmeet suggests Kuhu to do something and be sure she and Kunal perform the pooja this season or else Mishti will receive all the claps and she’ll get nothing.

Abir asks Mishti if she won’t sleep complete the evening. She says she won’t. Abir assk her what she will do complete the night then. Mishti says they will remain intact the night hand in hand. Abir gets nervous and asks her to not say such things in front of family. Mishti states that it is all nice between husband and wife.

Kunal comes there and indicates to attract Kuhu and Mishti back in the home. Mishti asks Abir to make her talk with Kunal and wants to tell him what she and Abir are planning to perform at the night making Abir nervous but she ends up telling Kunal they will make amrit at evening. Kunal asks Abir to finish the call and come in the car and leaves.

Abir inquires Mishti if she believes that she’s quite smart. Mishti says that she’s smart only. Abir says he is going to teach her a lesson. Mishti laughs.

Jasmeet and Kuhu look at Mishti from balcony and Jasmeet instigates Kuhu against Mishti asking her to do something and get her directly on the pooja.

Afterwards Abir and Mishti are sitting in car. Abir says they are going to be late due to KuKu aka Kunal and Kuhu. Mishti asks him to stop talking crap. Abir states she was the one saying all that stuff in telephone. Mishti states that she had been talking about amrit but he believed something else. Abir catches Mishti’s hand and says that everything is permitted between husband and wife.

Kunal and Kuhu come and Abir and Mishti recompose. However Abir begins the car not allowing Kunal and Kuhu sit. Mishti asks Abir to stop being lively and allow them to sit. Abir stops the car and Kuhu and Kunal sit on the backseat.

Abir informs Kuhu that Kunal was scared to ride the bike so that they had one with dual chair and he used to deceive Kunal like this each time. Mishti inquires Kunal when he was really scared of riding the cycle. Kunal says it is so dangerous so he was fearful of course. Abir and Mishti laugh.

Kuhu agrees with Kunal. Mishti claims that Kuhu was fearful of riding cycle also. Abir says he is going to present them both a double chair bicycle so that they can ride that while listening to music. Kuhu says it is an great idea and they can go for a bicycle date. Kunal asks that will work then. Mishti says she will manage that but they ought to do some fun.

Kunal claims that work is fun for him. Abir inquires Kuhu if she could not find anyone else besides Kunal who calls work as fun and real fun as work. Kunal asks Mishti if she is going to have the ability to deal with the business since she might need to work with Meenakshi. She answers that Meenakshi could get impressed with her. Abir jokes about that. Kuhu believes that Jasmeet was instigating in vain while everybody is happy.

At the nighttime Abir asks Kuhu to assist him decoration but she recalls Mishti requesting her not interfere in the pooja so she’s hesitant. Meenakshi asks Kuhu if she wishes to talk with Mishti before helping Abir. She informs her that Mishti is out and asks her to go to speak with her.

Mishti and Parul are talking about Kunal who must devote time to Kuhu. Mishti calls Kunal to them and states that Parul would like to tell him something. Meenakshi looks on. Parul gets nervous and says she has nothing to say. Mishti informs Kunal that Parul wants him to leave his job. Kuhu comes and wonders why Kunal is still talking about that subject.

Kunal inquires Mishti and Parul why they’re behind his work. He asks Kuhu if it had been her idea. Parul claims she has nothing to do with this and it was only them who were believing that he must give more time to Kuhu.
Meenakshi asks Parul to make her unique cold coffee and discuss the recipe with Kuhu who’s her daughter-in-law today so she has nothing to conceal from her. Kuhu recalls Jasmeet requesting her to not become like Parul. Kunal asks them to make cold coffee just and not be supporting his job.

Abir comes and Kunal asks him to assist Mishti with amrit. He leaves. Abir inquires Mishti if she and Kunal are teaming him up. Mishti answers that it could be.

Parul informs Kuhu she puts ice cream in cold coffee and that is a secret since Kunal finds fat in ice cream so he wouldn’t have the coffee differently. Kuhu asks Parul why she requested Kunal to leave job knowing that he enjoys working. Parul is going to describe her when Meenakshi comes and inquires Parul why her sleeping pills were out on table. She states that she gets these pills to have a 12 hours sleep after work when she’s stressed. She asks Parul why she kept it outisde. Parul apologizes. Meenakshi asks her to bring her medication. Parul leaves. Meenakshi asks Kuhu if she can take her two moments. Kuhu agrees.

Abir keeps taking Mishti’s images so he could look at them when she’ll fall asleep. Mishti states she won’t sleep tonight or else she won’t reach on time in mandir tomorrow. Abir takes the responsibility to take her into the mandir in time and pulls her closer getting comfy. Mishti claims that something will see them. She runs away. He chases her.

Meenakshi informs Kuhu she wants to acquire Mishti’s trust so that she must give her time. She also says that Parul has given all of the rights of Kunal for her but the reality is that Kunal is Parul’s son so she’s Parul’s daughter-in-law while Mishti is her daughter-in-law. She leaves.

Kuhu thinks that Parul isn’t even a Rajvansh. She recalls Jasmeet’s words. She looks at the sleeping pills and takes them out.

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