Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

The episode begins with Vishambharnath telling Nishant that Meenakshi consented for mishti and abir’s marriage. Nishant states that Meenakshi may treat Mishti badly and Abir does not love Mishti anymore. Vishambharnath claims that Abir will treat Mishti. Nishant shows him that he enjoys Mishti but she does not feel the same for him. Vishambharnath sayss he understands it that’s why he’s confused about what to do.

On the other hand Mishti recalls Abir requesting her to stay away from him and feels awful. Vishambharnath is in the backyard when Meenakshi comes there and asks him why he’s concerned since Abir is fine with all the union and she’s happy too. She states that she can not wait for Mishti to come inside her house which she strove to break a lot of times. She promises that she’ll break Mishti too so much he won’t have the ability to recognize her. Vishambharnath shouts in her asking to leave. Rajshri comes and asks him what happened. Meenakshi is disappeared. Vishambharnath calls entire the family in the living area and Mishti comes there also.

Vishambharnath says he can not see pain in her eyes . Mishti states she knows he loves her a lot and is scared to do something which may make them embarrassed. Vishambharnath joins his hands and asks everyone to listen to what he will say and give it a thought without saying anything. Varsha states that he does not need to join his palms. He asks Nishant to wed Mishti makikg everybody stunned.

On the other hand Kunal informs Nanu he must be unable to see his face. Nanu informs him when he saw him for the first timehe travelled to Abir’s school to inform him that he got a brother. Abir comes too and states that Nanu was dancing with all the other children when he came out of his classroom. They laugh. Kunal claims that they are so similiar to each other while he’s different and he knows the reason. Nanu says he understands nothing and informs him that he’s his grandson only and no one can alter this truth. Abir asks him to take some time but in the end he to accept he is 1 ot them and they’re with him.

Rajshri tries convincing Vishambharnath that Mishti and Nishant are just friends. He informs her that Nishant is the support she needs. Mishti comes in the room and knocks. Rajshri leaves allowing Vishambharnath and Mishti talk. Mishti tells him that she’s trying to understand whether she has the option to take her choice or not. Vishambharnath says he wants her to confirm his choice. Mishti asks him if she will really marry Nishant.

From the living area, Jasmeet cries because Vishambharnath did not ask her or Nishant any opinion. Rajshri asks her what she wants. Jasmeet states that she does not want Nishant and Mishti to get married because Mishti still enjoys Abir. Nishant comes and says that she does not know Mishti afterward and asks her not to judge her because she can not understand her. He leaves. Rajshri informs Jasmeet that Nishant has feelings for Mishti in his heart.

Vishambharnath tells Mishti he is showing her the ideal direction and she has the liberty of choosing if she needs to walk it or not. He says he believes that Nishant is the ideal companion for her but she says that she does not love Nishant so Vishambharnath answers the cornerstone of friendship is love just. He tries convincing her to provide a opportunity to friendship also. He leaves. Mishti thinks about what he said.

Abir gets his finger hurt. Kunal does the first help. Nidhi comes and says she’s pleased to see Kunal happy after knowing about Parul. Kunal gets gloomy again. Ketaki takes Nidhi away. Kunal says he might seem rude since he’s not speaking to his real mother but Abir informs him that they know his pain and understands he needs time. Kunal leaves. Abir receives Mishti’s telephone but does not pick this up.

Mishti is out the Rajvansh mansion. She’s about to go inside when she overhears Parul asking Meenakshi if she’ll get her and Kunal out. Meenakshi says no, she can not do that . Parul asks her will she keep Mishti from Abir now. Meenakshi says that she’s made to keep Mishti from Abir since she keeps doing things that break their loved ones. She shows Parul it was Mishti who advised Kunal the reality. Parul is shocoed. Meenakshi sees mishti.