Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke : Mishti feels Abir is in danger and wants to find him

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 30th January 2020 Upcoming Story on

The episode begins with Kuhu calling Kunal who informs her that he is not able to locate Abir anywhere. Kuhu wonders what relationship Mishti and Abir have that Mishti could feel there’s something wrong with him. She sees Jasmeet and Nishant and believes her brother is getting married and on the other hand they are not able to locate Abir. She wonders what to do and looks at God’s idol.

Abir is seen lying in water. Some pandits arrive from the temple near the lake to pray. Mishti keeps feeling restless. Abir hears Mishti’s voice asking him to open the eyes and not quit. He opens his eyes and believes he can’t quit. The pandits finds Abir in the water and go to rescue him. They take him from the water. He lips Mishti’s name.

Rajshri tells Vishambharnat that she’s taking Mishti to receive her ready. Vishambharnat asks her to let him look at her daughter heartedly for once last time. Nishant comes and promises him that he’ll forever keep his daughter happy and then promises Mishti he won’t ever repeat the mistake he left in the morning. He says they are beginning a new start from tonight and provides Mishti tickets for London.

Everybody gets shocked. Rajshri retains Mishti’s hand viewing her hesitant. Nishant says he can cancel the tickets when there’s any issue but Jasmeet states that there isn’t any need as she does not think Mishti has some problem since they also started their narrative in London only. Vishambharnat asks Mishti to take the choice herself but Rajshri knows Mishti wants time and asks everyone to let her think about it. She takes her off.

Nishant believes he has no time and must take Mishti away tonight or else she’ll get to understand that he had not drunk and about Abir’s injury and that he did not rescue him.

Pandits decide to call the local hospital and take him in their hut in the meantime.
Kunal is in the hospital and is shocked to know that nobody has any idea about Abir’s whereabouts. Jugnu comes there and informs him that he must know nothing about Abir too. Kunal wonders what he must do. He then hears a nurse telling the doctor that there’s an emergency for a guy was found nearly drowning in the lake.

Jugnu suggests Kunal to take Meenakshi’s help and he thinks about it. Meanwhile Pandits decide to beg for Abir.
Rajshri makes Mishti prepared and says that each mother wishes to see her daughter becoming a bride but she did not know that she’d have dreamt about Abir despite being Nishant’s bride. She asks Mishti what she’s thinking and Mishti shares her about her fear that Abir is at risk and this feeling is given to her by her heart and breaths.

Rajshri scolds her stating that she’s doing wrong by considering Abir and even going to meet him the previous moment. Mishti claims that wrong was what happened with her, that Abir broke their alliance, she went to London and this union is wrong. Rajshri shuts her up. Mishti informs her that she must understand why Abir had broken their marriage and he informed her that night just.

Meenakshi keeps calling Abir and Kunal but they do not reply. Kunal comes and hugs him telling her that he is not able to locate Abir anywhere. He asks her to find him .

On the other hand Mishti has shown why Abir broke their union and Rajshri is shocked to know that Meenakshi could do something like this. Mishti asks Rajshri to let her go to find Abir and meet him one final time to be certain that her fear is her premise and he’s fine and she promises to return and wed Nishant only. She reveals Rajshri the message she received from Abir requesting her not to meet her again and says it is impossible that Abir could send such a message after he’d told her that he wants to speak with her.

Rajshri states his telephone is switched off so he clearly does not want her to reach him and she asks Mishti how she understands that Abir is at risk. Mishti replies that she understands the identical manner Abir knew she was at risk in the offsite and he also saved her life so she wants to return him back the favor at least. Rajshri asks her what she will answer to family’s questions when she leaves.

Mishti asks her not to tell anyone anything and promises her that she won’t disappoint her and will return and marry Nishant because she understands how much this union is essential for your family and she can not break the heart of a family that has given her support. She begs Rajshri to let her go. Rajshri asks her to see whether she needs but now she should not return. Mishti is stunned to hear that.

Meenakshi is in the vehicle. She receives Kunal’s call and he informs her that he’s at hospital and she answers that she’s coming too. The driver stops the vehicle in front of hospital and informs Meenakshi he will take a peek if Abir is there.

Shaurya inquires Nishant why he does not look happy. Nishant answers that he is extremely happy but he’s feeling like nothing is perfect. Shaurya tells him that it is a natural feeling despite the fact that it’s a love marriage. Nishant says that he does not even know if his marriage is love or arranged. Varsha comes and makes him wear a chain of pearls telling him that when he’s always said the fact that Mishti and vice versa their connection will be as powerful as this series of pearls.

Nishant inquires Varsha if Kunal has arrived. Shaurya informs him that neither Kunal or Abir will come. Nishant feels guilty for not rescuing Abir. Varsha and Shaurya leave. Nishant receives a call from Meenakshi. She asks him to meet her oit of the home immediately. Nishant wonders if something has happened to Abir and believes he should not have left Abir like that.

A pandit finds Abir’s telephone close to the lakeside and also Nishant’s report in Abir’s pocket that he gives to the Baba Ji.
Jasmeet and Kuhu are talking about the petals that will fall on Nishant and Mishti. Nishant sees them sneaks out concealing from them.

Rajshri comes and inquires Kuhu about Vishambharnat. She says that she’ll head to call him and leaves. Jasmeet asks Rajshri if she’s fine. Pandit says that muhurat of the marriage has arrived.
Meenakshi inquires Nishant where Abir is because there’s absolutely no information about him since the time he’d told Nishant he could get his report.