Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke : Mishti confesses her love for Abir in front of her family

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 3rd February 2020 Upcoming Story on

The episode begins with Meenakshi asking to the inspector, who has blocked them road, to let them go because her son is in trouble but he asks them to allow the ambulance that’s coming from the other side go first.
The ambulance leaves. Abir is driving it. He says he can’t quit.

Mishti calls Kunal and informs him that Abir has left the lakeside in an ambulance. She asks him to check if he reached home and let her know. Mishti wonders where Abir could have gone. \
Abir reaches the temple where they’d promised to stand with one another. He recalls that Mishti didn’t inform her father to rescue him from a heartbreak but now he has to break her heart telling her about Nishant’s truth.

Meenakshi asks Kunal why he’s trusting Mishti and says they ought to go to the lake just as Mishti could be lying but Kunal answers that she left her marriage to visit hunt Abir and he thinks that she won’t lie and will certainly reach Abir at any price tag. Meenakshi prays to God shield Abir.

Mishti reaches the temple and stops there visiting the ambulance. Abir is within the temple and asks God to give him strength to inform Mishti about Nishant’s betrayal ringing the bells. Mishti hears the noise of bells and wonders why she’s becoming attracted to it. She goes on the roof of the ambulance and yells Abir’s name.
Abir comes out yelling her name after hearing her voice. Mishti gets happy seeing that he’s fine. He reaches her on the roof of ambulance and they share a hug. \

Abir inquires Mishti how she reached there. Mishti tells him about her fear that something occurred to him. They ask each other when they’re fine and hug again. Abir is touched realising that she left her wedding and asks her why she did that. Mishti answers that she needs to escape and get married as she realised that they equally their love are correct. She hugs Abir and asks her to take her someplace far where there will not be anybody except for them. Abir promises that nothing wrong will happen today.

Only then Rajvansh family and Maheshwaris come. Nishant asks Mishti to return as he wishes to speak with her. Mishti comes down and Nishant catches her hands to drag her off but Abir retains her other hand and asks Nishant to leave her. Nishant asks him to leave Mishti’s hand because she’s her would be wife. Abir does not abandon it and Nishant shouts at him. In addition, he shouts at Mishti who attempts talking but is interrupted by him. Nishant pulls Mishti to his side and Abir is not prepared to leave her too so she feels pain in her hand. Seeing that Abir instantly leaves her. Vishambharnat scolds Nishant for damaging Mishti. Jasmeet asks Vishambharnat to scold Abir who was hugging Nishant’s fiancée at the center of the road. She asks Mishti if she does not feel ashamed.

Rajshri says that Mishti won’t marry Nishant. She asks the family to listen to Mishti and let her say what she wants. She blames Vishambharnat to keep reminding Mishti she is not part of the family by always saying that Nishant is their son. Vishambharnat denies that and blames Abir and Meenakshi for damaging Mishti only so she can not let Mishti and Abir wed. Vishambharnat and Rajshri argue. Mishti blames herself for their struggle. Abir requests to not allow this marriage happen or three lives will get spoilt since Mishti loves him just. He asks for a opportunity. Vishambharnat inquires Mishti what she desires. Jasmeet asks her the same. Mishti apologizes.

Jasmeet curses the day they brought him into their home. Mishti states that she has ever been fearful that one day they’ll regret making her a part of the loved ones and now that day has arrived. Shaurya asks her why she escaped from house. Mishti answers that she just wanted to make certain that Abir is fine but he had met with an accident. Kuhu gets shocked and asks Abir how that occurred. Mishti informs Vishambharnat that Abir is the man who combined her with her family on Kuhu’s wedding. She states that Abir had abandoned her because he thought about his loved ones. Vishambharnat blames him of nothing considering Mishti though.

Jasmeet gets frustrated and blames Vishambharnat for forgetting about Nishant’s marriage that he had fixed himself.

Mishti takes blame upon herself and apologizes to Nishant telling him that she was confused when she accepted to marry him but now she can not get him into a loveless marriage that is going to be a compromise just. Jasmeet asks her why she waited for the final minute to escape Abir. Mishti reminds Nishant he had promised to combine with Abir when he still loved her and says that she did not understand things will come out like that and he would get hurt. She informs Nishant she tried forgetting Abir daily and if he desires she can keep trying this for her entire life but she can not ever love somebody else. Nishant asks Mishti when he left the house since she felt Abir was not secure or because she enjoys Abir. Mishti answers that she loves Abir