Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke : Mishti and Abir’s worries about their new beginning

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 5th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episod begins with Vishambharnat requesting Mishti to think if she’s sure about marrying Abir. He leaves. Abir is about to go inside when Abir calls her. Mishti rushes to him and he asks her to hug him. They hug and she informs her that she’s a mountain of tension behind her but can not stop her grin seeing him. Abir asks her how she is. Just then they hear Jasmeet’s voice as she’s coming out so Mishti asks Abir to depart. .

When Jasmeet comes out, Abir goes in front of her and kneels down apologizing. She turns around merely to confront Mishti who requests her sorry also. Jasmeet states that she wants to remain alone but Abir will not let her go becuase he knows she’s in pain for him and she believes he snatched what belonged to Nishant but he has a mother who loves him unconditionally, unlike him. He asks Jasmeet to forgive him and Mishti. Jasmeet leaves saying she does not want to speak to anybody.

Mishti inquires Abir why he said like that because Meenakshi has approved her but Abir claims that Meenakshi can not change. He’s going to leave but Mishti stops him and hugs him before letting him go.

On the other hand Meenakshi asks Pandit Ji that may be an auspicious day for Abir and Mishti’s union and he states 15th february. Nidhi comments it is too soon but Kunal comes and says it is the best date just. Kunal says”Maa” and Parul appears on but he’s referring to Meenakshi just so Parul leaves. Kunal informs Meenakshi he believes 15th February is a excellent day and she insists. Kunal goes to Kuhu and asks her to go in the area as they must call her loved ones and tell them about the date finalized.

Abir comes and Parul asks him if he’s happy. Nidhi says he is pleased of course as finally he’s getting what he wanted. Nanu comes and says he wants the wedding to be a particular one. Nidhi claims that Kuhu will arrange it so it’s going to be particular only. Nanu wants no purpose to be ordinary. Meenakshi agrees. Abir believes that his family loves him a lot and he can not stay away from them but remembers the words Vishambharnat informed Mishti and wonders if Mishti and Meenakshi could remain under same roof.

Kuhu and Kunal come in their area and Kuhu expects for Kunal to speak about them rather than Mishti and Abir but Kunal begins talking about the wedding function asking her to consider a unique idea. Kuhu asks him if he remembers what’s on 15th February besides the wedding and proceeds to look at the calendar on which she’s doing the countdown for their divorce.

Mishti brings red roses for Jasmeet and is going to enter in her area to give them to her. She overhears Varsha and Jasmeet talking. Varsha inquires Jasmeet if she desired Nishant to wed Mishti who did not love her and Jasmeet answers that she wanted Nishant to break the alliance but Mishti did that and nobody will say her anything. Jasmeet says they are forced to stay with a woman who isn’t a part of their family becaus of which they must think twice before saying anything because they may hurt her and even after all these attempts of several years Mishti simply broke her connection with Nishant and their family also. She asks Varsha to worry about Kuhu since Mishti breaks any home she steps into.

Kuhu gets mad realizing that Kunal does not bear in mind that they’ll get split on 15th February and really wants to celebrate this day, moreover he’s gone from room. Only then Kunal thanks and comes Kuhu for reminding him that on 15th February he has an important meeting that he’s cancelled. Kuhu is left disappointed and believes Kunal did not even wish to marry her so that he won’t even remember the day of the conclusion of this marriage. She believes that she was, is and will be always alone just. Nidhi comes and tells her that her family is coming the next day to repair the marriage day that will be more ravishing than the day of her union and asks her to begin the preparation. Kunal states that everything will happen like Kuhu needs only.

Mishti receives Abir’s videocall and picks it up calling him”Ajib Rajvansh” but it is Nanu not Abir. She hides her face feeling shy and he asks him to discover it. He asks her if she’s excited. She replies she is. Nanu comes in Abir’s room and leaves the phone on the bed telling him that his fiancée is online. He leaves and Abir, who’s just in a vest because he was changing his clothes, talks to Mishti. Abir pulls Mishti’s leg as she did not cut the telephone seeing that he was shifting. Only then Mishti recalls Jasmeet’s words. She tells Abir that she’s happy but she is somewhat scared too. She asks him what if there’ll be any difficulty in their marriage. Abir says that they’ll escape and get married for sure and then asks her what she thinks about the opinion she saw (him in panties ). Mishti laughs and cuts the telephone. Abir thanks God for fulfilling their fantasies.

The following morning Mishti prays to Kanha Ji and says that there are a whole lot of people doubting her and Abir and she starts questioning too if they’re wrong but she feels so right with Abir. Rajshri comes and hesitantly tells her that Nishant delivered a letter to her from airport. She gives it to Mishti and asks her to prepare fast. Mishti asks her if two sisters should not get married in a identical house.

Nanu and Abir talk and Abir shares with him that he does not want Mishti and her family to find stress as a result of this relationship. Nanu says he shouldn’t be concerned now that Meenakshi has consented for their union. Abir is still not convinced if Meenakshi will take Mishti and Nanu informs him that she has no other option or else she’ll lose her son and he would like to trust her too. Abir is still not convinced. Meenakshi comes and asks him to give her an opportunity to correct her errors. Abir asks her how he can trust that she does not hate Mishti anymore. Meenakshi informs him that she realized the fear of losing him forever so now she’s prepared to take Mishti for him. She shows Abir it had been her idea to create Nishant pretend to be drunk in front of his loved ones. Abir and Nanu are shocked. Meenakshi says it was her final tentative of separating Mishti from Abir.

Rajshri informs Mishti her only worry is that she’s going to get married in a home where everyone loves Kuhu and just some love her but she thinks she will get a solution to this issues. She states that relations often become entangled like her connection with Nishant did. Mishti understands that it’s in their hands to create a relation straightforward or not.

Meenakshi informs Abir she simply loves her equally sons a great deal and she can do anything to protect them. Abir wonders if he should tell about this to Mishti who could violate their connection getting to know about it. Meenakshi says that she did not wish to conceal anything from him and gain his trust so that she told him everything. She swears she won’t do anything wrong with Mishti and won’t let anyone hurt her too. She asks a chance to Abir.
Epieode ends

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