Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 6th March : Abir and Mishti give a surprise to Kuhu

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 6th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Mishti shutting the door on Kuhu’s face and turning towards Abir who’s sitting on bed. She apologizes to Abir. He asks sorry for bothering her so much. Mishti asks him accountable for not making him do the pooja because she did not understand what he ate. Abir states that she did not understand anything yet took all the blame on herself. She answers that she got the chance to become hero this time. Abir inquires Mishti if she believes he cried a lot on Kunal. Mishti claims that she wanted to discuss it only.

Kuhu goes in front of God’s idol and apologizes because anything is occurring because of her stupidity. She says she got greedy for a moment believing that if Mishti remains sleeping then she can perform the pooja but had stopped herself and did not need to do it with Mishti so how she could do it with Abir. She states that she got scared and could not say anything and asks God not to punish her silence so much.

The doorbell rings. Meenakshi wonders that has come . Jugnu proceeds to open the door. Maheshwaris have comes. Kuhu goes to them and asks what they’re doing there. Jasmeet informs her that Mishti called them asks Kuhu if everything is fine. She lets them input.

Rajshri apologizes to Meenakshi for coming so late and informs her that Mishti called them there. The remainder of Rajvansh come also. Meenakshi wonders why Mishti called them. Varsha states she simply told them that Abir is fine.

Meenakshi believes that Mishti could have told her only that Kuhu combined the sleeping pills but she will disclose Kuhu’s truth in front of both the families today.

Mishti comes downstairs. Everybody looks at her. Rajshri asks her why she called them without even telling Meenakshi. The latter asks her to talk with no fear.

Mishti says that she wants to talk about Kuhu. The latter suggests to speak tomorrow but Mishti states they can not wait. Varsha asks to inform them clearly. Mishti says that she’ll show then and suggests something.

Everybody turns around and smiles seeing Abir bringing a cake and wishing happy birthday to Kuhu. Everybody claps. Mishti states that they could not talk tomorrow if the birthday was today. Kuhu gets psychological and hugs her.

Rajshri, Varsha and Shaurya desire her also. Kuhu states that they scared her so now they’ll need to give her extra love for complete the year.

Abir thanks Mishti for the thought. In a flashback Abir is telling Mishti that Parul does not dessrve all this and asks her to not take Kunal’s side. Mishti thinks that she can’t create Abir more tensed telling him about Kuhu. Abir says it is only her third day at the home and he bothered her a lot. Mishti states that it is the matter about entire family. Abir states he did not understand that this day could be so bad. Mishti shows Abir that tomorrow is Kuhu’s birthday so that they can make it special for whole the family.

In the current Varsha asks Kuhu to make a wish before cutting the cake. Mishti thinks she won’t break the house. Kuhu wants for no one to come to learn about her error or else she will not have the ability to confront Abir ever.

Everybody sings happy birthday for Kuhu who cuts the cake and then feeds everyone. Kunal asks Kuhu to feed Meenakshi and she does this. Meenakshi blesses her. Abir and Kunal notice that Parul is looking down and Abir asks Kuhu to feed her now. She does this and then she goes to feed Mishti. She hugs her thanking her for not telling anything to anyone. Mishti says that she’s silent for everyone’s happiness but she isn’t happy and won’t forget her mistake ‘

Meenakshi says that they need to cover denying Kuhu’s birthday by giving her presents. She asks Kuhu exactly what she desires. Kunal asks her if she wants any jewelry or outside trip. Meenakshi suggests her to request wish something near her heart and she’ll meet it for sure. Kuhu thanks her. Vishambharnat asks Kuhu to take her time.

Afterwards Abir comes in Meenakshi’s room and asks her how she could let Kunal blame Parul for attempting to drug him. Meenakshi asks him not to blame her and says that she’s also sure that Parul did not do that but she would like to know who did that with her son. Abir asks her if she was just finding a man to blame.
Mishti brings Kunal into Parul who’s cleaning the floor.

Abir says to Meenakshi she must want to attribute Mishti because she’s just lying about accepting her. He says that tomorrow is Kuhu’s birthday and he wants everyone to be happy and promises her that too. Meenakshi says it is good that her son isn’t trusting her. Abir asks her how to trust her if she isn’t even looking into his eyes. Meenakshi asks him an opportunity to learn who did that with her son.

Parul asks Kunal to not say anything. Kunal states he fought for Abir with her how Abir struggles with Meenakshi for him. Parul claims that mothers understand their sons without telling anything. Kunal states the error was his and apologizes.

Meenakshi asks Abir what she should do. He asks her not to do anything because he wants no play in another 24 hours in this house. He leaves.
Mishti comes to Abir and reveals Kunal and Abir’s reunion to him. He gets happy.

The following morning Meenakshi recalls Abir’s words while playing sitar.

Abir wishes happy birthday to Kuhu and then reminds Parul to give Kuhu a gift by the evening. Parul states she has the right to give her a present since she’s her daughter-in-law.

Abir enters in his room and sees Mishti sleeping but when he removes the blanket there are cushions only. He chooses one and says he is feeling a mentor even after marriage so he’s thinking to get a girl online and begin an affair. Mishti hears him and comes to him. She pushes him and the two of them fall on bed. Mishti asks him if he would like to begin an affair. Abir says he will because his wife does not give him attention, not even a kiss. Mishti asks him to state it directly that he’s dying to have a kiss and comes nearer to him but he gets up and says he is Abir Rajvansh and will not be desperate for a kiss. He asks her to not show attitude. Mishti asks him if she’s showing attitude or he’s doing that. Abir says this is his right not attitude. He encircles her throat with his arms and is about to kiss her when Kunal comes.

Abir proceeds to open the door and Kunal asks him to assist him with the present. Abir suggests him to find something special and present her. Mishti stands behind the door and holds Abir’s hand entertained. Kunal says he wants to give something very special but has no idea what. He attempts entering in the room but Abir does not let him come inside. Mishti yells Abir’s hand. Abir gets nervous and claims to Kunal to give Kuhu anything. Kunal leaves.

Abir inquires Mishti what it was. Mishti states that it was her right and she is able to snatch her right if she does not get it. Abir states that she might have asked her right facing Kunal. Mishti says he is not brave to kiss her in front of the household also. Abir says challenge accepted. Mishti states that she did not challenge her but Abir states he has known what she desires. Mishti leaves calling him odd. Abir smiles and says that today everything will be OK.

Meenakshi inquires Parul what Kuhu, Kunal, Abir and Mishti do. Parul informs her that everyone is happy as it is Kuhu’s birthday and also Holika Dahan. Meenakshi asks Parul to send Kaushal to her. Parul leaves. Meenakshi looks on.