Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke : Kuhu Tells Abir The Truth

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 8th January 2020 Upcoming Story on

The Episode begins with Jugnu saying I’m going to assist Kuhu at her dwelling. Meenakshi asks him to proceed, take the credit card and inform Kuhu that she’ll bear the expenses for the occasion. Parul believes I’ll fight now for my son, Abir, I respect him my son. Mishti asks whose side are you. Vishwamber says I’m on your side. Nannu says quite mean.

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Kuhu says we’ll have same Mata chunri. Jasmeet says do not ask me, I’m happy with everybody’s choice. Jugnu says I have come to assist Kuhu. Nannu welcomes him.

Jugnu says I m Abir’s side, why am I grinning hearing his discussions. He greets Mishti. Vishwamber sends Mishti. He apologizes to Jasmeet for not asking her and adjusting the alliance of her son. Rajshri says alliance is great for children.

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Jasmeet says I do not know Nannu knows what is right and wrong for him. Nannu says you’ll manage me if I get hurt, family guarantees to be with you always. Jasmeet says I only want you to remain happy.

Abir thinks of Mishti. Nanu calls him and asks him to receive his medicines. Abir sees Parul and Mishti meeting on the Market. Parul says I did not speak to you nicely, forgive me. Abir goes to see and calls out her. He asks why did you come to meet Mishti. Parul says that you don’t know. Mishti says he does not need to understand. He asks her to visit her BF. Mishti says Nannu is my fiance. He asks her to steer clear of his loved ones. Mishti asks him never to show his face again. She says quite sorry Maasi and goes. Abir says I do not want anybody’s heart to break because of Mishti. Parul cries and says I wish I could ask Mishti the reason. She sees the letter.

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Abir sees Nannu in the hospital. Doctor says that your reports are apparent. Nannu says I’ll take care. Doctor states take care, I understand there was a party at your dwelling. Nannu says somebody spiked the drink, I won’t waste my hard work of ten decades, I’m not drinking since ten decades. Abir hears this. Mishti cries. Kuhu comes. Mishti asks can’t you come and knock. Kuhu knocks and inquires may I come in.


Kuhu says I do not fight weak men and women. Mishti says I’m not weak. Kuhu says that your happiness is connected with my brother, stay away from Abir, leave my brother-in-law, proceed, why are you running after Abir. Mishti says I was not following him, you got me. Kuhu says I did not get him in the current market, Parul called me. Mishti says I was not taking her calls, I won’t meet her or anybody. She cries.

Kuhu believes how did she agree soon. She states Abir is behaving bad nowadays, he should not, sorry for that. Mishti says its not your error, Abir is angry since Kunal is angry with me, I do not understand why is he doing so after so much happened, I won’t blame yiy to get a person’s anger. Kuhu goes.

Nannu asks someone to send towing truck in the hospital, the car has a problem. Abir says I’ll drop you. Nannu says I am going to take a cab. Abir says there’s public transportation strike. Nannu says its a bad idea. Abir says I will drop you out the home. Nannu plays the tune and says fine song, we’re performing to dance in our union on this.

Abir says we’re business partners, you won’t have the ability to keep the marriage a secret, how are you feeling. Nannu says you will not have the ability to speak to me about this. He thanks him and gets the vehicle. Abir believes why did Nannu say that. Mishti says that I was wrong, Abir does not wish to know, whatever was between us, our dream broke, Abir has ripped the wedding invitation and also my letter. She takes the ring.

Dheere dheere….plays…. She retains all the memories. She says if I must create my new identity, then I must forget everything. She sees Abir saying love only happens, you can not lose, you did not do anything wrong, you’ve got right on every joy. She says I felt you’re that joy, but you went too far. He disappears.

Kuhu comes to Abir. He states actually…. . Nannu’s car broke down, so I came to drop him. Kuhu says what are you doing with Mishti, we’re all set in our roles, I’ve Kuhuness always, Mishti remains dull, Kunal is spontaneous, but you’re smart, why do you do Kunal’s role and damaging Mishti. He asks did Mishti whine about me, why did she fulfill Parul.

She says that you should have requested Mishti, why do you have a problem if she’s moving , Kunal has hurt me, I did not leave him, I had some reasons, Mishti is not like me, enough, you won’t shout or insult her, you won’t speak to her, just speak to Kunal, ask him, why did he spike Nanchak’s beverage. He asks what. She says I’m sure he’ll say he did so on his mother’s saying, what if anything happened to my brother. He asks her to say exactly what happened that evening. She says , you brothers do not hurt my loved ones, its not about Mishti, its about Nanchak, I love him a lot, stop it. She goes.

Abir says Mishti tried to tell me, I did not listen to her, she called me messaged, she wanted to show she moved on, no…. He reads her message and states did I do a mistake in knowing her, how. He cries.