Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Upcoming Story: Shocking twist ahead in YRHPK

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Next in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke Episode starts with Meenakshi saying till Abir is with Mishti, she will not face any problem. She says Abir will definitely get best husband award. Ahead, Varun invites Rajvansh to his family for lunch. Abir gets ready. Mishit acts normal and Kuhu gets suspicious over Mishti more.

Afterwards, Mishti gets ready and asks Abir to get ready to. The duos share a talk with each other. Mishti then asks Abir if he learnt anything about that boy family. Later, Mishti, Abir and Ketki visits Varun’s house. The trio talks with each other. Abir excuses himself and says he needs to make a call to NGO. He calls Jugnu and asks him to open CCTV camera footage in his laptop. Jugnu refuses but Abir convinces him.

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There, Mishti, Ketki and Varun share a talk with each other. Varun misses his brother. Abir and Mishti console him. Further, Abir says to Varun to let’s cook something in Varun’s brother memory. Mishti gets ready to bake a cake. Here, Jugnu tries to check CCTV footage. Meanwhile, Kuhu enters Abir’s room and checks his emails. She gets shocked seeing uncountable mob’s number in his laptop. She clicks the picture. Jugnu hides and watches Kuhu.

Other side, Mishti bakes a cake for Varun. While, talking with Varun he spots his watch and recalls the past. She gets restless and runs to the room. Abir runs behind Mishti and asks her what happened. Mishti tells to Abir about the watch. Abir asks her to relax. Later, Abir stands shocked seeing Varun’s picture with the person Mishti killed and remembers the past.

Abir insists Mishti to go back home. Mishti refuses and behaves normal. Varun enters the room and Mishti says to him that she was having headache. Varun says Karan was having same problem and she can take same medicine as his. Abir gets restless. Kuhu dials a number taken from Abir’s laptop and Ketki receives the call. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Abir hurts himself so that Mishti doesn’t see Karan’s picture. Further, he decides to disclose the shocking truth to Mishti.

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