Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka : Roshni Aman and Alia is looking for the baby in the Black Jungle

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 3rd February 2020 Upcoming Story on

Episode starts with Roshni is yelling for her innocence when Aman says it isn’t right all the time to attribute Alia from nowhere. Roshni inquires Aman do you not believe in me? Aman says I don’t have any evidence to believe in your words how will I believe in you? Salma says believe in her closed eyes like she did on you. She says you do know how to love but you do not understand how to believe in somebody.

Roshni Aman and Alia attained a place on the leadership of Baazigar and they realised that this is nothing by the Dark Jungle where Jinn used to live. Aman says to Alia you should go and wait in the car while I’ll go and bring back the baby but she insists to be together.

Alia send Zeher find out about the baby in the jungle while Praveen attained nearby lake she must provide the sacrifice of the child. She calls for her boss so the doorway of the cave get open and she can send of the baby inside it just then she’ll regain her powers. All the three are roaming in the jungle Zeher comes back and informs Alia about infant. She says to Aman her motherly instincts are stating that baby can be in this way. Roshni is saying that we should try and discover about the baby using my clips.

But, Aman denies to take her aid and says we’ll be better without you so that you do not have to come with us. Roshni feels abandoned but she does not stop there and uses her abilities to search for a way to discover the baby. The magical clips immediately shows her the path to the lake where the infant is. Roshni follows the leadership and she eventually finds the baby is floating in the lake and is moving towards the direction of a cave. She requires Aman and Aliya to get to the spot whilst parween strikes on Roshni from behind as she feels threatening by the existence of Roshni.

Aman reached there and he uses his abilities in forms of Baazigar and Alia isn’t understanding what’s happening there? Aman transformers the water of this lake to ice and Roshni uses her abilities to take out the infant from the basket and throws it into the palms of Aman.

Parveen does magic from behind and the caves starts to observe everything within it that includes Aman and the infant also. Roshni attempts to stop him at the baby but she neglects to do so. She tries to stop him powers rather than working on it while a guy attempts to resist the magnetic power but nothing is working. On the opposite side, Rubina finds out Parveen is missing from her room. She guesses the missing of this infant is on the sacrifice of him brought on by Parveen to reunite her abilities.

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