Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 7th March : Aman and Roshni goes inside and rings the bel

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 7th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Episode begins with Aman and Roshni attained to the gateway of the monument but as there are going to enter the please be noticed a gatekeeper sleeping close to the gate. Imran goes ahead and ask the gatekeeper to wake up as he’s sleeping through the duty time, suddenly he wakes up and gets to the get up of a hoodie shadow which nobody can enter the place such as this just Aayana can. He says only two measures can go inside and ring the bell.

Aman gets mad at first but Roshni attempts to handle the talks and things to the individual in a usual manner. We’re here in order to save someone’s life that’s the reason it’s truly important for me to go inside and deliver the email please let us go.

The gatekeeper says just 1 man can go with Ayana inside who’s close to her. He says that I will ask three questions and if you folks can answer that truly then we’ll make it possible for you to go inside with Ayana. Imran goes ahead and says me and Roshni both work together and we understand each other really well so that I can reply on her behalf and we’re close.

The gatekeeper asks Imran what’s the favorite food of Ayana and he was not able to answer that. He asked you more questions by he’s not able to answer them and he does not you what Roshni really likes or dislikes. The gatekeeper says sorry, I can only let Roshni inside as you aren’t the close individual of her.

However, Roshni claims that I will go indoors as it’s actually important for us to go and perform the job. He says you’ve got two hours to ring the bell but you must do it without waking up the princes of skies. She’s sleeping and when she wakes up by any way then it’ll be a threat and there after attempting Roshni all of the very best.

Aman takes roshani in his arms and says that you told just two measure can go indoors walking so that it is two steps only. Both of them entered the place and is going to ring the bell. While on the other side, Chotu is gradually getting fridge within the red moon. Roshni and Aman are going to ring the bell and they stand under the monument.

The two aman and Roshni ring the bell and the red moon that has captured Chotu completely melted and Chotu gets feww and home people gets pleased to find this and Chotu finally opens his eyes. The family members shows affection and love to Chotu together with Jholapari. Aman and Roshni are still ringing the bells.


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