Naira falls unconscious in Kartik’s arms as she observes fast of Teej

The episode inaugurates with the Singhanias and the Goenkas celebrating in the hall after endless fight of about 3000 days. Everyone around is happy and including Naira as she watches the celebrations of the families from behind. Suhasini is informed by Swarna that Manish wants to celebrate the day as they have won the case in a historic way. Suhasini agrees to the celebrations and asks Swarna to invite Naira as well for the celebrations as it would make Kairav very happy.

As soon as Naira sees Swarna, well dressed and jeweled enters her room, Naira explains Swarna that on this day Vedika needs to celebrate and Naira being present on the event can spoil the evening. Swarna says if she can fast for Karthik on the occasion of Teej(हरतालिका तीज), then she must join the celebrations as well. Naira is surprised when she hears that Swarna is aware of her observing fast for Karthik. Naira hesitates but Swarna assures her.

The entire Goenka Villa is decorated with 3000 lamps for the celebrations to mark the day, the family is gathered. Kairav and Vansh feel to have to contribute to the celebrations. Along with Karthik they plan to have some nice songs and entire family is dancing and partying. Singhania family joins them for the celebrations. Karthik is awestruck by Naira’s beauty when he sees her. Cake cutting happens with both families are present. In the meanwhile Surekha unsuccessfully tries to connect with Akhilesh.

Karthik follows Naira to have a check on her as she feels a bit off due to fasting. Karthik notices and tries to help her have some water to drink. Naira opens her eyes while Karthik feeds her water and she sees the moon. They are happy to observe the connect between them and that Karthik is breaking her fast.

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