Naira lies to Karthik about her fast and discovers Lisa’s boyfriend’s truth.

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Vedika wonders where Naira and Karthik are and tries to search them. Karthik asks Naira whether she observed Teej fast for him. Naira is in state of despair when Karthik asks if his ex-wife has observed teej fast today. She lies to Karthik that she didn’t observe the fast as ex-wives are not supposed to do so.

Niara wonders why always the story revolves around Karthik. Either someone tries to woe him or confronts him but there is life apart from this, everyone’s own life, good or bad, big or small, that Karthik is not a part of that life. Naira says she did everything for the sake of her son to keep him pleased and not for someone else. Karthik holds her dupatta when she tries to leave the scene. Naira struggles to get it back.

In the meanwhile Karthik’s mom arrives at the scene and Naira and Karthik are found in an awkward conversation, she asks if they want to tell her something but Karthik syays moon is up in the sky and ask everyone to break Teej fast and do the rituals.

Naira goes back to her room and starts crying on her bed. She remembers when she used to observe Teej for Karthik and always used to miss him and that he is near her she can’t drink water from Karthik’s hands.All the couoles are gathered on the roof top and are ready for the rituals.Naira remembers when she used to break teej fast by just looking at Karthik’s photo.

Lisa calls on Akhilesh’s phone and Naira receives it and show her Akhilesh’s photo and confirms her if she is her boyfriend. Naira tries to check this thing with her chachu Akhilesh but could not talk to him regarding the same.

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