Naira makes Karthik aware about the truth of Akhilesh and Lisa’s affair.

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Kairav tries to get his parents a bit close. He takes their hand and places in the bucket full of wet cement. They let the hands in the bucket for some time. When they take it out, the cement takes the form of Karthik, Naira and Kairav’s hand shapes. Kairav says it will get better just like his mother and father’s happy family.

Naira tries to escape the awkward scene by saying she needs to wash her hands. Karthik follows her and tries her to ask what she wants to say to him. But Kairav calls him to write on the sculptures. Naira thinks of the reaction when Karthik hears about the affair of Lisa and Akhilesh. She decides to ask him out to tell the same. Vedika wants to go her home for some time saying she is missing her dad a lot.

Karthik realises that Naira has called him out to say something very serious, otherwise she would have told her in the house. Dadi asks Karthik to take Vedika home, but he says he got some task to be done in the factory and cannot carry along with Vedika. Vedika says she will take the driver along.

Karthik is worried about Kairav if he gets paranoid if they are not at home. Vedika sees Karthik leaving the house. The waiter recognizes them and brings their favourite tea. They go to the flashback when they used to spent a lot of time in the café where they had many moments together. Naira tells him about that Akhilesh Goenka is Lisa’s boyfriend. Karthik is shocked to hear that. Coincidently, Vedika gets to the café and sees Karthik and Naira together. Karthik says he trusts Naira but it needs to be confirmed by Lisa.

Karthik gets to home and asks Akhileh to meet him along with Naira and Lisa. Akhilesh is very shocked to see Lisa at his home. Lisa feels very happy that she found him and tries to get close to Akhilesh. She conveys him how badly she missed him. Akhilesh denies to recognize Lisa. Karthik and Naira are worried. Dadi notices that something is wrong between Akhilesh and his wife. Lisa gets to know that Akhileh is married and has childrens. She felts very sorry for herself. Naira and Karthik try to convince her that its not her fault. Lisa says she is ok and don’t want anyone to know about the affair.


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