Vedika feels insecure seeing Naira and Karthik together. Naira consoles Lisa.

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Naira is worried about Lisa and tries to convince him that Lisa is not wrong and she does not have any bad intention. She asks Karthik if he trusts her. Suddenly they remember same situation in past. Karthik says is she wants to go to the past then understand that the mistake was not his only own. His mistake was of he asked her question and Nair’s mistake was that she didn’t answered. They both didn’t trust each other that time. She could have waited that Karthik would have understood when he calmed down.

Naira makes it clear that Karthik didn’t trusted her at time and couldn’t control his anger. She wants to discuss about Akhilesh and Lisa. Karthik also agrees that Akhilesh is at fault and wants to get to the solution. Akhilesh’s mother asks him that she wants to talkto her but he shows herrude behaviour.

Karthik asks Naira to get some rest and says that he is there with Lisa and Naira. Naira says that Karthik should inform Vedika about the affair.  Naira leaves the scene and suddenly Vedika arrives from her dad’s home. Vedika confronts Karthik about his meeting with Naira and asks the need to go to the café. Vedika feels sorry that she is very straightforward with him.

Dadi wants this time to set Ganpati at home. Naira goes to check on Lisa. Lisa does not want to discuss more on this. She is very disappointed that this happened with her. Karthik also follows Naira and wants to meet Lisa and is worried about Lisa. Vedika follows Karthik. Karhik feels helpless.

Vedika sees Karthik and Naira very close in the same car. They try to explain her that Lisa is not well and they went to check her. Vedika wants to drive the car along with Karthik. She says that she is capable of taking care of things if Naira doesn’t interfere in her matters. Vedika is worried about the closeness of Naira and Karthik. Akhilesh gets hurt while punching the boxing bag and is very worried about Lisa and feels very ashamed of him. Karthik sees everything through the door.

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