Vedika is shocked to see Kartik and Naira sleeping on same bed!!


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Today’s episode starts with Kairav asking Vansh to play with his friends. Doctor has requested him not to play and take rest. Kartik kicks a football towards Kairav and sportingly says who told him not to play, he can kick the play football. Naira also supports him and says the doctor said he is fine and can play. Kairav asks whether he is strong now. Naira motivates him and says he is very strong. They say Kairav can do anything now. Manish says that it is a good day they are getting emotional. Kairav kicks the football towards Dadi and laughs. Surekha asks Kairav to play well it is a happy day and he should be happy. Vansh says they both can play now. Kartik supports them saying let’s see who makes goal first.

Surekha cuts Akhilesh’s call, Dadi says he broke their values. How will we face his children? Surekha, please answer his and tell him that we don’t have any place for him. Manish picks the call and scolds Akhilesh, says he has cheated just like Aditya and they wish to end relations with him. He says we they should talk to Surekha. Dadi agrees to talk after Ganpati Visarjan. He says that there is another matter that Kartik and Vedika aren’t getting closer because Naira and Kairav are there. Dadi says sometimes everyone has problems and that they shall wait for this time to pass and trust the Lord.

Kairav’s medical reports are normal that gives Naira courage. Suwarna says so Vedika and Naira were talking this thing. Naira needs Suwarna’s help in what she should do. Suwarna says that earlier they didn’t know about Kairav but now they know about him and how will they live without him. It is difficult to advise her but she will support her. Then she hugs Naira. Vedika comes in hurry  to oil diya and witness all these happening.

Vedika saw the oil applied on Diya’s hairs. She thinks might Naira have oiled it. She has got Bappa but why everyone is snatching her rights. Why is all this happening to her? Everyone can see Naira’s pain but not hers. Suwarna didn’t tell her that she is her daughter. Naira cheated them and hurt them even though Suwarna supports her. No one wants Naira to go. Kairav is just an excuse. She says to Naira that she is happy to know about Kairav’s reports, and Naira should fulfill her promise soon if she remembers it.

Naira thinks of Vedika’s strict taunt. Kartik comes to her that he wanted to see if she is awake as he wants to be with Kairav. He says there are many things he doesn’t know, he missed all that about Kairav, he missed everything. He cries and is very sorry. Naira says she can’t tell him everything but will try to tell gradually. Naira tells him more about Kairav. Its morning, Kairav wakes up and sees Kartik and Naira beside him and he kisses them and runs. He greets Vedika and says its Visarjan today and they we have to practice, is Vansh awake yet? Vedika asks him where his mommy is. He says she is in room with Kartik. Vedika gets shocked seeing them sleeping on the same bed.