Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th November 2019 Upcoming Story:Kairav Learns Kartik Is Jolly Singh


The serial starts with everyone becoming shocked watching Akhilesh attempting suicide. Akhilesh gets within the pool. Surekha says Akhilesh does not understand swimming save him. Naira believes of her fantasy and conducts it into Kartik. Suwarna keeps her. Kartik and Samarth get Akhilesh out. Naira says thank God, such happened, everybody else came outside safely. She slides down at the pool. She yells Kartik. Kartik sends everyone. He sees Naira and turns to watch. O morey saiyyan…plays with… He does not see. She fights at the pool. He sees the drinking water. He believes where’s Naira, why do I believe she’s at a certain situation. She yells back again. She has trapped into a few ropes and nets. Kartik runs back to the hotel. She has hurt her mind. Kartik sees her at the runs and pool. He holds her hands and brings her. Suwarna asks Kairav and also Vansh to really go home, they should come back later. The person says that I presume Naira and Sardarji are all here, they did not render. Kairav says where’s a mother.

Kartik attempts to pull Naira. She drops straight back again. Kartik jumps from the pool. The person says do not understand he knows not or swimming, it’ll soon be an issue when his leg becomes stuck in virtually any rope. Kartik frees Naira’s leg by the rope. He’s out here. The person says thank God they have rescued. Kairav looks really shocked. He sees Kartik with no fake beard and turban. Naira asks are you really nice, your blossom…. Kartik says do not worry, what can acquire nice, are you really nice, are you really sense just like some other nausea, will be that the accident profound. She says. He says that we ought to move to a physician, everybody else took Akhilesh into the hospital. Vansh requests did you obtain Naira. Kairav says they are going to emerge, by becoming old to brand new. Vansh says appearance Naira as well as your new daddy. Kartik says that we won’t tell Kairav,” he is going to soon be hurt. Naira says kiddies are fearful after visiting Akhilesh. Kartik says Naira has been doing mischief, she jumped into swimming. Vansh asks was not you fearful. Naira says that I dropped down, I’m handsome, Kairav your daddy protected me. Kartik jokes. Kairav hugs her. They also leave.

Everybody else knows in the hospital. Naksh says Naira needed a cut some gems, its not severe. Kartik inquires did you tell the physician in regards to the clot. Naksh says I’ll talk and go. Kartik says kiddies ‘ all here, we got the staff is by using the Kaira did not find me in my own actual avatar. The person asks will we tell Sir, it a challenge.

Samarth says Akhilesh got mindful, how will be Naira. Kartik says she’s okay. Samarth says I advised Manishhe had to really go from India desperately. Vansh inquires why did not they choose us to hospital, so just why have you been quiet. Naira comes. Everybody else requests are you really nice. Naira says I m fine. Naksh says that I talked to a physician, he said its nothing. Kartik says we could have regular check-ups. The physician says and comes Akhilesh’s openness to call home is all sort from your family matter so on. Surekha asks can he meet him. The physician says sure. Kairav believes in Kartik. Surekha and everybody else meets Akhilesh. Akhilesh says, I won’t try so, I’ll not show my face, but do not shout for me personally Surekha,” I’ll acquire nice and also move away. Naira says Surekha has cautioned him you think things to do, so sorry I’ve no right to express.

Kartik says Naira said, its own wife’s best to pick, whether she would like to forgive or not, then we’ll accept Surekha’s choice, even when Surekha has piqued him we ought to presume if we ought to choose Akhilesh residence or… Dadi yells and yells Akhilesh. Naira cries. Akhilesh inquires how will I thank you. Naira states no demand. Kartik says everybody else is satisfied with the family. Samarth says Diwali is going to likely be special. Naksh says Kairav is using Kartik. Dadi says. Surekha thanks Kartik and also Naira for returning her enjoyment. She blesses them.
Kairav stays silent. Kartik inquires why can not my fate be just like Akhilesh. Naira looks. O morey saiyyan…plays… Naira says kiddies ‘ lonely, I’ll go and watch them. Naira asks the children ahead. Kartik asks are you going to possess pizza. Vansh asks are you really nice. Naira says wound will probably be nice so on. Kartik says Akhilesh can acquire nice shortly but do not stress Kairav, your mother is okay. Kairav removes his blossom. Kartik and also Naira get stunned.

Kairav says that I understand who you are, you’re deceiving me. He belongs. Kartik and Naira shout. She says sorry Kartik, I’ve come to be reasons behind the space. Every one gets Akhilesh dwelling. He makes joyful. Vansh hugs him asks that were you these days, are you really currently fine. Kairav also disturbs him. Dadi says Choti Diwali looks really great. Samarth inquires that are Naira and Jolly. Naira and Kartik come. Kairav says daddy lied to me personally. He belongs. Everybody else becomes stressed. Dadi says even the last expectation diya is placed off.