Ziddi Dil Maane Na 11th December 2021 Written Update: Sanjana breaks Sid’s heart.


Ziddi Dil Maane Na 11th December 2021 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Kundan inviting Karan and Faizi for the wedding which is in 10 days shocking everyone. Sanjana leaves saying that she came to collect her things and leaves to get it. Bala searches for Sid. Sanjana cries recalling her hardwork and oath and her moments brave moments. She touches her uniform and starts packing her things. Karan comes there and Sanjana hides her tears. He says he came there to help her. Sanjana says packing is almost over. Sanjana lies that marriage which was supposed to be after 6 months got pre poned as per Kundan’s mother’s saying. She says she’s happy with it but Karan calls it lie. He asks Why’s she compromising her happiness. Sanjana breaks down. He asks her to wear wedding bangles on one hand and boxing gloves on the other. Sanjana says it’s not that simple as she needs to protect her parents reputation. Karan asks where is it written that a girl would bring respect if she follows her dreams. Sanjana says the society says otherwise as they just want a bride who can fulfil all her duties and not a commando. She says that her father is forced to follow the society norms and she don’t have an option. Karan says that he would speak with Kundan but Sanjana says against it. She asks him to call her as Special agent Sanjana Dubey. Karan says that he’s proud of her and shows her respect. Sanjana says that wherever she goes she will always fulfil her duty towards the nation and salutes him.

Monami asks Sid where is he going. Sid says he’s going to face her and wants to see if she still have the guts to face him. Bala comes there and says about Sanjana coming with her fiancee to academy. Sid asks if she’s there and didn’t see him. Sanjana says that she wants to speak with him. They both go to their place and Sid asks her not to come closer. He says that he’s glad at least she has the courtesy to see him before leaving. Kundan comes searching for Sanjana. Sanjana says that she made a mistake. Sid says that if she made a mistake why don’t she correct it. He says that whether she too feels for him the same he does for her. Sanjana lies no. Kundan is approaching them. Sid holds her face and asks her to say for once if she loves him and break up with Kundan. Sanjana gets lost for a second but soon revives herself recalling her father’s words. She says that she never loved him breaking his heart.

Sanjana runs back to Kundan but Kundan didn’t see Sid. He urges her to hurry and Sanjana leaves with him. Sid shouts that he will accept the truth and asks her to never comeback to him. He says that he will move on from her for sure. Monami wishes all the best to Sanjana’s new life. Sanjana wishes her back. She asks for Karan when he comes there. He says that only few people will fulfill their duties with sincerity and she’s one among them. He says that they will be always proud to have a special agent like Sanjana. Their parents will feel proud. He thanks her parents for letting Sanjana to follow her passion and fulfil her dream. He will ask them to continue being her strength in the future and not her weakness. Everyone will clap for them while Kundan is least interested.

Precap : Monami will ask Sid to bid farewell to Sanjana. He will rush to her but couldn’t meet her. Sanjana will get welcomed in the village when she will suddenly faint.

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