Ziddi Dil Maane Na 11th March 2022 Written Update: Charu tortures Karan.


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The episode starts with Bhalli managing to find the lens before Monami could see him. Monami helps him up and scolds him for not getting checked. Bhalli manages to make some excuse while Monami finds his actions suspicious. Sanjana still couldn’t get over her doubts and says Sid that he shouldn’t have let the boy go. Sid convinces her. He helps her calm down by giving her a message. They share a romantic moment. Bhalli spots Sid and Sanjana romancing. Sid tries making her confess but Sanjana doesn’t fall for it. They have a cute nok jhok and Bhalli watches them with open mouth. They gets alerted seeing Bhalli and Bhalli acts strict towards them and sends Sid to his room. Once Sid leaves, Sanjana says about visiting the accident site but couldn’t find anything that could prove that accident took place. Bhalli lashes out at Sanjana for visiting the place without his permission. He warns her to only to what he instructed and not over do things. Sank finds his behaviour weird but let’s it go thinking that it’s stress due to Dhanu.

Faizi wakes up Bhalli and Bhalli takes Chaddi’s name. Bhalli makes excuse that it’s due to accident that he’s behaving weird and Faizi let’s it go. Charu calls Bhalli and lashes out at him for not concentrating on mission. She blames him for only concentrated about Monami. Bhalli cuts the call saying that he’s aware of what he’s doing. Monami shares with Sid about finding Karan’s behaviour weird to an extent that she couldn’t recognise him anymore. Sanjana too said the same to Faizi. She was about to share about visiting the accident site but Bhalli comes there. The conversation gets cut off. Bhalli scolds the cadets for unable to do rope climbing.

Bala requests him to demonstrate once so that they would learn soon. Bhalli felt caught but manages to climb due to all the training. He slips at a point but manages to hold back. He again makes some excuse but Monami looks suspicious at him. She decides to find it. Charu comes to a dark place where Karan is kept. She takes a shock stick and mocks Karan. She demands sleeper cells details from him but Karan taunts her whether Dhanu is alive. She tortures him by electrocuting him and Karan mocks her that she’s going to fail in her first mission. Charu answers back and provokes him saying about Bhalli. She says he’s more interested in Monami. Karan says he’ll be caught in twitter minutes but Charu says it’s way past two minutes and none can catch him. She leaves while Karan shouts at her.

Precap : Sid and Monami will Crack about eye drop bottle and Monami will confront Bhalli about the same.

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