Ziddi Dil Maane Na 12th May 2022 Written Update: Param suspects Barkha.


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The episode starts with Param entering the room but Barkha hid herself before he could see her. She watches him hiding behind a sofa. Param takes a file from the cupboard and is about to leave when he sees Barkha’s ear ring lying on the floor. He gets shocked while Barkha fears getting caught. He suddenly hears fire alarm and rushes out. It’s actually Karan who activated the alarm and Monami sees Param coming. They leave immediately. Param asks Ustad to check and they leave to check. Barkha calls Karan about him saving her on time and says about Param spotting her earring. They decide to find a convincing reason for it.

Sanjana discuss with Lawyer who asks them to stay together. Sanjana also asks them to fight together for their right and they all agree to stand with her. She plans a meeting with builders together and everyone leaves agreeing. Sanjana gets shocked seeing Sid at her door and she drags him aside. She asks what’s he doing there. Sid asks her why didn’t she come informing him. Sanjana vents out her frustration and Sid says that he’s there to help her. Sanjana says him their problem and that he wouldn’t understand it. Sid says that he’ll help her fight with others and San gets emotional. They both hug and reconcile.

Ustad says Param that there was bo fire and it could be some fault in alarm. Param recalls earring and goes to his study room to find it unlocked. He enters in and finds Baby playing with Barkha’s stuff jn it. Barkha pretends like Baby was there without informing her and apologizes him. She then pretends to search for her another earring which Baby was playing with. Param gives the earring and warns them to stay away from his study room. Barkha leaves agreeing. Sanjana is with villagers and Sid and is having a meeting with opponent Lawyer. They all oppose it when the opposing Lawyer gives an offer to give another new land as the one they got money from sold it to his client. Sanjana understands their plan and confronts about it. He gives the legal papers to Sid and Sanjana and they read it out. Sid says that they need to reconsider their decision. Lawyer calls him sensible but Sanjana asks him to shut. She says opposition Lawyer that they would meet in court and he takes his leave.

Karan is spying on Param and finds that he’s trying to access confidential files of arms and ammunition and trying to copy it. Karan alerts Monami and she calls cyber security person. Monami asks the security person to block all the confidential files but he demands to take proper permission for it. Monami pleads him to trust her and asks him to block the confidential files as it may get into problem. He agrees as she’s best cadet of Karan while 70% transfer is already done. Monami and Karan urge him tk get it done soon while the transfer is about to get completed from Param’s end. Param loses access right before it could get completed while Monami and Karan sigh in relief.

Param gets frustrated while Monami thanks the security person. Param understands that someone has got to know about his plan and wonders how’s it possible. He comes out go find Barkha feeding Baby and goes back angrily. Param recalls getting the earring and the sudden change of events. He suspects that something is wrong with the room and starts checking it. He searches for the camera. Param spots the screw driver which Barkha used and Karan and Monami gets shocked. He wonders how it got there. Param understands that Barkha came to the room.

Precap : Param will confront Barkha about her entry but Barkha will reveal that Karan is alive. Param will threaten her with a knife.

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