Ziddi Dil Maane Na 13th May 2022 Written Update: Sanjana breaks up with Sid.


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The episode starts with Param comes to Dhavan and says about Barkha doubting him. He shares about whatever happened. He asks Dhavan to say something. Dhavan advises Param to kill Barkha. He says that he can understand his emotional attachment towards his wife and Baby. Param beats him saying that nothing is important to him over his mission. Sid asks Sanjana to accept their offer but Sanjana says that their ancestors feelings are entangled to the place. She says that they don’t want to survive selling their emotions. Sid reasons that his father was right when he said that people stayed poor over their choice. Sanjana’s mother comes there and tries to reason with him but he stood firm in his stand. Her mother asks him to leave having food indirectly asking him to stay out of the matter. Sanjana also says the same.

Karan and Monami met with Barkha and says about Param suspecting her. They give her tickets to leave the place before the doubt deepens as they can’t risk her life. Sanjana comes to Sid and finds him crying. She asks what’s he doing there as he went to meet up with Sanjana. Sid says that Sanjana broke up with him that too over a text shocking him. She asks what happened and Sid shows her Sanjana’s text which states that due to their change in opinions its better for them to break up. Monami also cries for him and consoles him. Sid says that he deserves better than breaking up with a text and Monami asks him to speak with Sanjana once. Sid refuses and says that he needs a break. He says that he would leave the place for the some time till he clears his head. Monami agrees.

Barkha comes to Param and says that she wants to go to her hometown and shows him the ticket. Param emotionally blackmailed her and pleads her to not leave him as she needs her and baby to have a happy life. Barkha falls in his act and agrees to stay. She says the same to Karan and Monami. Karan and Monami tries reasoning with her that he’s acting and not fall for it. Barkha says that she trusts Param and is ready to handle anything that comes in her way due to her choice. Karan and Monami feels helpless.

Nikhil comes back home and Faizi greets him. He asks how’s he and Nikhil says he’s fine. He sees Koel upset and asks about it but Koel doesn’t answer. Barkha comes to Param and asks him to share with her his problems. She says that she knew that he’s struck with a gang and asks him to say everything to Bhatra Sir and he would help him. He asks Barkha to say whoever else has doubts on him so that he can clear it. Barkha says his brother Karan is alive shocking him. He takes a knife.

Precap : Param will take Barkha and Baby out while Karan will install a tracker in the car. Param will come back but Barkha and Babu will be taken away. Karan will try tracking them.

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