Ziddi Dil Maane Na 17th February 2022 Written Update: Sanjana’s father gets insulted


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The episode starts with goons searching Sid using his blood traces. Kundan says that Sid and Sanjana know each other but pretended to not be strangers in front of them to wait for the right time to escape. He says that he not wrong but his upbringing is wrong. He says that if any girl leaves outside the village then this will be the result of it. Kundan’s mother asks Sanjana’s father to die drowning in water and says that it’s their mistake to try to form relationship with such a family. The village head accuses Sanjana’s father and asks him to apologize to Kundan.

Kundan’s mother asks him to keep his pagdi at Kundan’s feet and beg for apology. He’s about to do it but Monami stops him. She accuses him for kidnapping Sid and Sanjana rescued him. She says that they are on run for their life now as his goons are at the back of him. Kundan signals his men and they pass weapons to attack Monami. Karan notices it and signals Faizi. Monami holds Sid’s collar and they were about to attack him but Karan and Faizi serves as barrier.

Kundan warns them to leave the village and everyone supports him. Sanjana’s father asks them not to go against village norms as he can apologize but can’t lose her daughter. He pleads them to find his daughter first as that’s what matters to him. Karan agrees with him and assures that they will Sanju for sure. He leaves with academy people. Monami looks angrily at Kundan but Karan takes her away.

The goons gets fed up as they couldn’t find Sid and leaves thinking that wild animals would’ve eaten him. Monami looks at temple where Sid is still hiding. She gets permission from Karan and hers down to pray for Sid and Sanjana. She prays for their well being. Sid sees her from behind the idol but couldn’t call her. While she’s about to leave, Sid rings the temple bell and everyone gets happy seeing him.

Monami and everyone rushes to him and tries waking him up. Monami notices gun shot and suggests to immediately to take him to hospital. They find the hospital at 1 hour distance and moves him to nearby clinic which is at a 15 minutes travel distance. Monami leaves thanking God and prays for Sanjana too.

The clinic doctor says they don’t have enough medicines to treat such big wounds. Monami says that they first need to give him first aid and she’ll then transport him to big hospital. Doctor shows her the medicines and Monami shivers. Karan gives her strength and Monami starts treating him. She removes the bullet while Suman assists her. The girls are dragged by goons and KD welcomes them. Sanjana looks at the surroundings.

Kundan says that they might be angry now but from the next day their life is getting changed. He says that they will get food, clothing, makeup and everything. Sanjana sees mobile with a guy and hits him. She takes his mobile without anyone’s knowledge. KD finds her attacking him. Sid wakes up and takes Sanju’s name. He says that they are taking Sanju away and is about to get up but everyone scolds him. They have a hard time to control him.

Suman asks them to call Karan and Faizi. The goons hold Sanjana and releases him from her hold. Sanjana says that he’s messing with the wrong person and will regret a lot. KD injects her drugs and Sanjana falls unconscious.

Precap : Karan will get a call with a code word. Karan decodes that it’s from Sanjana and will form an operation. He will instruct his cadets.

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