Ziddi Dil Maane Na 18th May 2022 Written Update: Abhay kidnaps Nikhil.


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The episode starts with Monami and Karan discussing. Nikhil asks Koel to take him to exhibition. Suman supports him and finally Koel agrees. They both smile while Nikhil leaves to get ready. Exhibition commences and all the cadets participate in it. Koel holds Nikhil with her when Faizi brings a cap for him. Nikhil runs away and Koel is about to follow him. She slips and Faizi holds her. They share an eye lock and Abhay witnesses it and gets angry. His mother controls him from reacting. Karan and Monami are romancing when Bala interrupts them. He asks Balli to come with him for fun. He gets too casual with him. Karan leaves with him.

Balli brings Baby and Barkha to exhibition. Barkha is hesitant but Balli assures her that nothing would go wrong as academy people won’t come there. Faizi is playing with Nikhil and Koel. Koel laughs her heart out. Faizi asks her to keep smiling as it suits her. While they both were busy with each other, Abhay lures Nikhil with a remote control car. Nikhil follows it and stops seeing Koel and Faizi. However he gets lured again and goes following the car. Param is very close to Barkha and Baby. Bala keeps interrupting Monami and Karan with his continue talks. Karan sends him to buy ice cream for him and asks him to keep the change. Bala leaves while Karan escapes with Monami. Bala bumps with real Balli and asks why he’s here after sending him to buy ice cream. He keeps questioning about his clothes and Balli manages it. Balli learns that academy people are there and gets scared for Baby and Barkha to get caught. He sees Param close to Baby and Barkha. He gets scared.

Param is about to spot Baby and Barkha when they hear Koel shouting for Nikhil. Balli takes the chance to escape. Koel says that Nikhil is misse. Abhay kidnaps Nikhil. Everyone starts searching Nikhil. Nikhil bites Abhay’s hand and calls out for Faizi. He follows the voice and everyone spot Abhay holding Nikhil. They gets shocked and Abhay threatens them with a knife. She warns him to leave her son and he reminds her that he’s their son. Faizi warns him but Abhay doesn’t listen. Karan warns to call police when Karan’s mother comes there. She asks Inspector to arrest Abhay for kidnapping his grandson. She slaps him and takes Nikhil away from him. She pretends like she’s against Abhay. Abhay gets confused with her actions while she asks police to arrest him. Abhay gets dragged away. Abhay’s mother acts emotional in front of Koel and asks apology from her. Bala sees Karan and asks why did he change the clothes again. Karan understands that Balli is present there and manages with an excuse. She thinks that she needs to convince Koel somehow.

Precap : Monami will order cake for Baby and Param will hear it. He will get doubtful whether it’s for baby and will follow her.

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