Ziddi Dil Maane Na 19th May 2022 Written Update: Param doubts on Monami.


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The episode starts with Abhay’s mother pleading Koel to let her take Nikhil out with her. Koel recalls whatever happened and refuses. Abhay’s mother pleads her to let her stay there in the academy but Koel refuses. Param also refuses saying it’s not a hotel room. Koel leaves when Dadi suggests to donate a hefty amount.

Param at first refuses but later thinks that it would help their mission and agrees. He says Koel that she cries a lot and so he agreed for three days. Koel gets worried. Balli and Barkha were still in shock when Karan and Monami comes there. Baby gets angry at him and Karan consoles her and shares about her birthday plans the next day.

Dadi tries feeding Nikhil but he doesn’t react. She emotionally blackmails him and makes him have the cake. She looks at tea and plans something. She asks for a tea from Koel and Koel gets it for her. Koel keeps the tea cup on table as Suman calls her for asking something. Dadi asks for the tissue which was near tea and while passing, the hot tea spills on his hand. Everyone panics while Nikhil cries in pain. Dadi indirectly accuses Koel’s carelessness for the mistake.

Ustad calls Param reminding him that it’s Baby’s birthday the next day and asks for them as he used to give her sweets on her birthday. Param says they are out of station and agrees to pass it to her. He finds Monami ordering cake and wonders whether its for Baby. She thinks if she’s alive and gets doubtful on Monami to plotting against him.

Nikhil asks Faizi to help him learn boxing seeing him punching the bag. Dadi sees it and loosens the rope of punching bag. She sends away Faizi and Nikhil practises alone. The bag falls down and Dadi accuses Koel for not taking proper care of Nikhil.

Param follows Monami while she is on her way to meet Baby. She enters a house and Balli locks the door. Param sees it. He’s about to peak through the window when a group of kids comes there. Param immediately hides and the kids enter. Baby and Barkha hide while Param checks inside. He finds Monami and Balli planning for orphan kids birthday. Monami sees Barkha and Baby’s reflection in mirror and fears getting caught. Param is still checking.

Precap : Dadi will call Faizi and Koel to a room set up for dinner date and will lock them inside. They will understand that someone trapped them and will knock the door.

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