Ziddi Dil Maane Na 1st December 2021 Written Update: Sid meets with Koel.


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The episode starts with Abhay taking leave from Mr and Mrs. Chopra. Sid, Sanjana and Bala are having chat when Bala leaves giving them some time. They both discuss about fasting and his mother. Bala comes back and Sid asks her out to sight see places. Sanjana agrees and leaves to make a call to inform Karan. Her mother calls her and forces her to keep fasting for Kundan. Sanjana disagree but her mother emotionally blackmail her and forces her to keep fasting. Sanjana agrees grudging while Sid notices her body language. She comes back and says that she has to go back with Karan. Sid asks if he did something wrong but Sanjana doesn’t want to say anything to him and leaves. Sid sees Abhay dragging Koel and calls our for her.

Koel gets happy seeing him but Abhay warns to keep her away from Nikhil. Sid comes there and asks to speak with Koel in private. Abhay asks him to speak anything in front of him. Sid asks her to speak out and asks id she’s in any problem. Koel lies that they are fine and Abhay takes her with him. He makes her get in car and before Koel could leave she signalled Sid that she is suffering domestic violence. However Sid couldn’t understand it.

Karan wants to leave but Monami asks him to wait as Nikhil would’ve given the mobile to Koel and she could contact them. She finds Karan’s eyebrow fell down and asks him to blow it making a wish. When he doesn’t believe it she herself makes a wish to keep Koel safe and blows it. When she opens her eyes she finds Sid who says that Koel is in problem. Abhay pushes Koel on bed and scolds her for trying to go away from him. He warns to keep her away from Nikhil if she tries any stunt.

Koel stands against him and warns to inform Nikhil about his true face. He asks if she got the courage seeing her academy friends. He’s about to beat her with belt but Koel holds it and says that she’s more stronger than him as despite all the tortures she faced she’s still fighting for her son and stands up against him shocking him. Nikhil comes in asking the reason for Koel’s shouting. Abhay makes excuse that she got scared seeing lizard. Nikhil says about Koel’s academy friends visiting the house. Abhay gets alerted and asks if they passed any message to Koel. He recalls Monami saying that it’s a secret game and hides about the mobile. Sid shares with Cadets about the signal made by Koel. Chitra identifies it to be the symbol of domestic violence. Koel beats Abhay at the back of his head and he falls down unconscious. Nikhil gets shocked.

Precap : Koel will call Monami and will ask her to not inform Police. Karan will say that they will save Koel for sure.

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