Ziddi Dil Maane Na 20th May 2022 Written Update: Param warns Monami.


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The episode starts with Monami seeing Barkha’s reflection in mirror and fears getting caught. She immediately hides the mirror when Param was about to see her. Param leaves confused. They hear door knock and gets scared. Monami asks Balli’s whether he got doubtful. Balli asks her ti go and see who’s at door while he manages things. Monami opens the door to find Karan. Monami drags him in and says that Param was here. Karan says that he knew it and saw him leaving already. Karan says about seeing him following her and alerted Balli. He says that they should stop Param somehow. Koel recalls whatever happened. Faizi asks what happened. Koel says she’s angry at herself and couldn’t take care of Nikhil. Faizi tries convincing her saying that it’s an accident and asks her to stop blaming herself. He gives example of his mother and asks her not to make Nikhil feel guilty just like he is doing now. Koel is worried about Abhay’s mother but Faizi assures her that she would leave in few days and asks her not to worry. Koel wishes everything ends well. Dadi hears it all and says that it’s not easy to her rid of her from there.

Balli is arranging for the party and Baby cute the cake. Balli clicks the pictures. Baby enjoys with everyone. Barkha cries remembering Param but Monami consoles her. Barkha says she needs to stay strong for Baby. Monami says that Baby would thank her one day for her strength. Barkha says that Baby lost her father when Karan says that he would not give up till the end. He says Param wants to harm the nation and he won’t keep any relationship over the nation. He says he would punish Param for what he did but will try to make him understand in the end. He says that Baby would get her father back. He says that he can’t assure but will try his best. Koel argues with Nikhil who wants to go to Faizi. She says that she must stay with him but Nikhil leaves not listening to her. Suman sees it all. She says that Nikhil needs a father too for his age and asks her to consider it. Koel shares her thoughts with Suman.

Param calls Monami and asks her about her sudden bonding with Balli. Monami tries reasoning that he invited her for helping him with the birthday preparations. Param says that she’s lying and Monami fears getting caught. Param says that she’s spending time with with him as he resembles Karan. He reminds her that only his face is like Karan and they are not same. He asks her to not fall for his face and stay away from. He says that he cares for her and so is explaining her. Monami says that she understands his point and will maintain her distance. She comes to Karan and says about Param doubting them. Karan asks her to stay away from the next day and she agrees. They gets cozy. Karan comes for food and Ustad offers to cook him Khichdi. He says his Khichdi is the best and Ustad asks how did he know. Karan manages with an excuse and they share a light moment. He says he resembles Karan.

Koel comes to store room to find it decorated for date. Faizi also comes there and says that it’s her who called him there. He shows note that it was her. Dadi locks them in the room while Koel believes that it’s Suman’s plan to get them together.

Precap : Dadi will say Param that she needs to stay there for some more time given the situation. Faizi will say against but Param will control him. Karan will say that she can’t stay there as she’s not a commando nor their relation. Param will get angry at Karan for dictating him.

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