Ziddi Dil Maane Na 21st February 2022 Written Update: Karan and team enters the venue.


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The episode starts with KD catching Sanjana at gun point when she tries to escape. He says that he has all eyes on her. Sanjana looks around the CCTV in the room. He says that it’s his place and nothing can happen without his wish. Sanjana says that he won’t escape from there no matter what happens. He asks if she’s talking about Karan and his cadets. He asks him them to come so that as he has something planned for them too.

Prem hi is arguing with guards and calls Koel. Sid is hacking the CCTV footages. Kundan sees the ruckus from CCTV and goes there. Sid says that it’s done and says that the CCTV will be disabled for 10 seconds. Kundan speaks with Koel lashes out at him. Sid switches off the cameras and everyone sneaks in making use of the situation. Koel diverts the guards while they all enter. Koel scolds Kundan with English words. Kundan asks her to behave. Sid switches the camera back and Karan informs it to Prem ji.

Koel and Prem ends the fight after agreeing that they would take their van back. Kundan let’s Koel in. Koel has a camera necklace and Sid searches for the girls and Sanjana but couldn’t find them. The others are present with masks on. Koel bargains with Kundan to show her the girls first so that she csn choose the best one before bidding. Kundan does my oblige but Koel lures him with her money. Kundan falls in her trap and takes her with him.

Kundan shows the girls to her and Sid watches them using the camera in necklace. Sid spots Lakshmi and asks her to search further for Sanjana. Koel asks for more fresh girls but Kundan says this is all they had. He reminds her about his commission and she assures that she will pay. She gets excuse to go to washroom and Kundan leaves showing her the way.

Karan asks Monami to activate their plan as they found the girls. Koel sneaks and finds Sanjana getting dragged away. Sid sees it from camera. Kundan spots Koel but she lies that she lost her way. She asks about Sanjana but Kundan says that she’s for themselves. He takes her away. Sid says he spotted the way Sanjana went. KD shows bomb to Sanjana which he prepared for her academy people.

Kundan starts the event and names the girls using cities names. He first introduces Tokyo and Karan says its the right time. The bidding starts and KD comes there. Sid sees him from camera and informs it to others. Karan asks Sid to switch off the CCTV. KD comes and sits near Koel. Koel gets tensed but Karan asks her to remain calm.

KD says that he’s seeing her for the first time and Koel herself magic. She says she is from Dubai and is there hearing good words about him. She praises his event. KD agrees that they haven’t a good market in Dubai. The bidding for the first girl ends. Sid switches off the CCTV and the lights gets switched off. Suman and Monami goes to the girls and reveals themselves as Sanjana’s friends. The guards catch them.

Precap : Karan will get trapped by KD and alerts others. KD will catch Karan and the team.

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