Ziddi Dil Maane Na 23rd February 2022 Written Update: Another mission awaits Karan and his team.


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The episode starts with Karan and Faizi escaping with others tackling the goons. Kundan wonders why all the girls are gagging. The clients leave disappointed with the event despite KD’s pleas. KD blames Kundan for all the mess but Kundan blames him back for underestimating academy people. Sanjana unties herself and fights with them. Koel joins her while Sanjana holds KD at gun point. Koel holds Kundan at gun point. Sanjana beats up KD for ill treating girls and Koel’s gun falls down by mistake. Kundan gets hold of it and points it at Koel and Sanjana. Karan tackles Kundan and Sanjana fights with both. She beats up Kundan while Karan leaves KD for the girls to beat up. Sanjana looks emotionally at Sidharth and an angry Kundan hits her stomach with table. Karan beats him up.

Sid and Kundan have a face off and Sid beats him up. Bala says Kundan that he has more to face. He asks the girls to come one by one. They all slaps him in order but Kundan gets shocked when his mother appears in front of him and slaps him too. She says that she feel like dying instead of seeing the true face of him. She lashes out at him for forgetting the values taught about respecting a girl. Sanjana’s parents comes there and her mother join hands in front of her and apologizes for misunderstanding her. She says that Sid told the truth to everyone. Sanjana’s father says that it’s true that his respect is in her hands and its very safe with her. He says that he’s proud that he gave birth to her.

Kundan’s mother apologizes Sanjana and blesses her. Police comes there and Karan introduces himself to him. Police says they will take care of them. Lakshmi thanks thanks Sanjana for inspiring them with her bravery and saving their lives. They all leave. Monami said Sanjana that thankfully there was no fracture but just small injury. Sanjana jokes with them. Some delivery people sent flowers to Sanjana and she understands that it’s from Sid. Her mother asks who sent all this and Sanjana says she doesn’t know. Sid comes there and everyone looks angrily at him. Monami takes him out. Defence minister praises Bhatra for his Parakram mission. He says about an ordinance factory where dangerous equipments were made for security purposes. He requests to assign his Parakram team to safeguard the ordinance factory as Kanu seems to have plans to attack it. Bhatra asks the reason for choosing them particularly but officials say that Karan is a step ahead of them which is why he failed all their plans.

Monami scolds Sid for sending flowers to Sanjana in her parents presence and Sid apologies. He couldn’t wait for her to accept his love and Monami asks him to wait for the right time. Someone clicks their pictures and also other cadets. Defence minister also gives another mission to find a pen drive that has details about sleeper cells and destroy it. Bhatra agrees. Their pictures gets clicked in secret too. Karan asks Monami to stay with Sanjana but Monami suggests to let Sid stay with her. Karan agrees. Karan senses someone clicking their pictures but couldn’t find anyone.

Precap : Bhatra will warn Karan that the risk is higher this time as they will try their best to harm him. Kanu will have a secret plan against Karan. Karan will notice someone eaves dropping their conversation.

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